From the Editor

Mary Beth Weber, Editor

mary beth weber, editor
Making Headway

As I worked my way through the numerous conference reports I received in record time from committee, interest group and discussion group chairs, I had renewed respect for the work of my predecessor, Miriam Palm, as well as for the people in our division who serve as leaders and movers and shakers. Reviewing the submissions has given me an opportunity to read about many of the great discussion topics that I unfortunately had to miss due to other commitments. It also has given me timely information that I will apply to my work and research.

This was my first ALA conference as ANO editor, and I enjoyed my new responsibilities as well as working with the LRTS Editorial Board, the Publications Committee, and the ALCTS Board. I also met a number of people and look forward to future collaboration with them. I hope you find the information in this issue of ANO valuable. In addition to conference reports, there is an article on the Strategic Plan, Olivia Madison shares her “ALCTS Experience,” and there is information on new professional publications.