Make Your Vote Count

Diane Dates Casey , ALCTS Councilor

Election time for ALA and ALCTS will soon be upon us. When you vote for councilors-at-large for ALA Council, take the opportunity to strengthen ALCTS’ voice on the floor of Council. Only vote for the candidates whom you really want to see elected to Council.

Generally, twenty plus councilors-at-large are elected each year. By voting for individuals just so that you cast your maximum number of votes allowed, you make it more difficult for your favorites to win. If you like only one candidate, for example, cast your vote only for that person. When reading the candidates’ statements, look for active participation of current or past ALCTS members; they are most likely to understand our division’s concerns and support our initiatives. In its April issue, ANO will list the names of candidates for councilor-at-large who are currently ALCTS members. Please consider giving them your vote. Also, look for candidates who have held prominent elected division positions, such as section chairs, board of directors members-at-large or division presidents. These candidates better understand the relationship between the divisions and “big” ALA. Their division leadership experience helps ALCTS when our concerns arise on the floor of Council. We can do it; you can help!