Candidates for ALCTS President: Nancy J. Gibbs and Pamela Bluh

nancy gibbs candidate for alcts president NANCY JEAN GIBBS

Candidate's Statement:
ALCTS has a rich history and past on which to build its future. This was evident at the recent strategic planning sessions. From those sessions several initiatives resonated with me: Retention or our current members and recruitment of new members to the professional and our Division; Networking across the ALCTS sections as well as the Divisions to accomplish our common goals; Continuing meaningful educational opportunities and programs at the regional and national level; Expanding our best practices to transform services in our changing work environments; Effective use of our resources: human, monetary, and ancillary assets; Valuing all our past, current, and future members; Continued communication with all our members. The strength of ALCTS is greater than its individual sections but each member brings a specialization and expertise to our Division that enriches all of us.

Education: University of Denver, M.L.S.; James Madison University, B.S. Elementary Education.

Current Position: Head, Acquisitions Department, Duke University, 2001-present.

Previous Positions: Head, Acquisitions Department, Duke University, 2001-Present; Head, Acquisitions Department, North Carolina State University Libraries, 1997-2001; Asst Head, Acquisitions Department, North Carolina State University Libraries, 1991-97; Approval Plan Librarian, Auburn University, 1986-91; Humanities Cataloger, Auburn University, 1982-86; Reference Librarian, Pennsylvania State University Libraries; Personnel Librarian, Pennsylvania State University Libraries; Reference Librarian, Southern Union Jr. College.

ALA Activities: Acquisitions Section: Chair, Nominating Committee, 2005-Present; ALCTS: Member, 50th Anniversary Celebration Task Force, 2005-Present; ALCTS: Member, Budget and Finance, 2005-Present; ALA: Member, Program Committee, 2007, 2004-Present; ACRL: Member, 1991-Present; ALCTS: Vice Chair, Chair, Past Chair, Acquisitions Section, 2002-05; ALA/AAP/ALCTS: Member, 2000-02; ALCTS: Member and Chair, Acquisitions Section, Leadership in Acquisitions Award Committee, 2000-02; LAMA: Member, Systems and Statistics Section, Nominating Committee, 2001-01; LAMA: Member, Task Force on Communication, 1999-2001; ALCTS: Member, Education Committee, 1997-99; ALCTS: Acquisitions Section Rep, Membership Committee, 1995-99; ACRL: Member, Constitution and Bylaws Committee, 1995-97; ALCTS: Chair, Role of the Professional in Academic Research technical Services Discussion Group, 1992-93.

Offices Held outside of ALA: North Carolina Library Association: Member, 1996-Present; North Carolina Serials Conference: Member, Program Planning Committee, 1995-Present; North Carolina Library Association: Delegate, Library Legislative Day, 1996-2001; Southeastern Library Association: Member, Public Relations Committee; Alabama Library Association: Member, Intellectual Freedom Committee; Alabama Library Association: Member and Chair, Federal Relations Coordinator; League of Women Voters of Alabama: Secretary; League of Women Voters of Auburn, Alabama: Secretary, President.

Membership in Other Professional and Related Organizations: NASIG (North American Serials Group), 1993-Present; League of Women Voters, 1970-92; Southeastern Library Association, 1987-91; Alabama Library Association, 1983-91.

Publications: Author and Presenter, "Walking Away from the Big Deal: Consequences and Achievements," UK Serials Group Proceedings (Ariadne), April 2005; Author, "Against the Grain," EBooks: Report on an Ongoing Experiment (Against the Grain), 2000; Author, "Guide to Managing Approval Plans," Library Collections, Acquisitions and Technical Services (Elsevier), 2000; Co-author, "Using Teams to Evaluate and Implement New Services for Electronic Serials," Proceedings of the 13th Annual NASIG Conference (Haworth), 1994; Co-author, "The Library Trustee in Alabama," (Alabama Public Library Service ), 1985.

Honors, Awards, Prizes, Medals, Citations: Continuing Appointment, Duke University, 2005; Chairman, Board of Trustees, Auburn Public Library, 2 four-year terms; Tenure, Auburn University, 1997; State of Pennsylvania Library Scholarship to attend Library School.

Accomplishments: I believe my major accomplishments involve staff. They are the lifeblood of any organization and being an advocate for them is so important to me. Whether it is in our everyday work environments or those times when we have projects to complete or new initiatives to embrace: without their input, leadership, organization and commitment nothing will be accomplished. Valuing each of them for the diversity they bring to any situation is so important to making our organizations a vibrant work environment that can solve any problem and meet any challenge.

pamela bluh, candidate for alcts president PAMELA BLUH

Candidate's Statement:
What is ALCTS? We are a diverse group representing many different interests and institutions, yet we share a common vision: to remain the pre-eminent association devoted to technical services. I believe that our members are our most important asset. We must offer continuing education programs that not only respond to, but anticipate their needs and desires. We must provide exciting leadership opportunities and encourage the free and open exchange of ideas and experiences. The new strategic plan contains ambitious goals. I am honored to be nominated for the position of ALCTS President-Elect and hope you will join me as we strive to promote ALCTS by capitalizing on our strengths and creating an organization that delights in its diversity, that is conducive to change, and that remains sensitive to its legacy. I look forward to working with you to achieve the vibrant, energetic association we all envision.

Education: Peabody College, MLS; Northwestern University, MA (German); Vanderbilt University, BA (English).

Current Position: Associate Director for Technical Services & Admin, Thurgood Marshall Law Library University of Maryland School of Law, 1994-present.

Previous Positions: Assistant Director for Technical Services, Thurgood Marshall Law Library, University of Maryland School of Law, 1980-94.

ALA Activities: ALCTS: Member, Planning Committee, 2004-06; ALCTS: Member, Publications Committee, 2004-06; ALCTS: Editor, ALCTS Papers on Library Technical Services & Collections, 2003-06; ALCTS Acquisitions Section: Member/Chair, Leadership in Library Acquisitions Award Jury, 2003-05; ALCTS: Chair, Fundraising Committee, 2000-04; ALCTS: Member, Library Materials Price Index, 1999-2003; LAMA: LAMA Editorial Advisory Board, 1997-2001; LAMA: Member, National Institute Planning Committee, 1998-2000; ALCTS Serials Section: Chair, 1996-97; LAMA Systems and Services Section: Member/Chair, Publications Committee, 1994-97; ALCTS: Member, Membership Committee, 1992-96; LAMA Systems and Services Section: Member/Chair, Acquisitions Systems Committee, 1991-95; ALCTS: Member/Chair, Piercy Award Jury, 1992-94; RTSD Serials Section: Member-at-Large, 1980-83; RTSD Serials Section: Member, Committee to Study Serials Cataloging, 1978-81; ALCTS : Planner (with Peggy Johnson) and Presenter, ALCTS Pre-conference: "Writing for Publication: Demystifying the Process" June 2005, 2005; ALCTS Serials Section: Planner (with Cindy Hepfer), ALCTS Midwinter Symposium "Taming the Electronic Tiger: Effective Management of Electronic Resources" San Diego, 2004, 2004; ALCTS Serials Section: Planner (with Cindy Hepfer), ALCTS Midwinter Symposium "Managing Electronic Resources: Meeting the Challenge" Philadelphia 2003.

Offices Held outside of ALA: North American Aleph Users Group (NAAUG): Member/Chair, Serials Enhancement Team, 2002-04; PALINET: Member, Board of Trustees, 1986-91.

Membership in Other Professional and Related Organizations: NASIG, 1985-Present; American Association of Law Libraries, 1980-Present; Maryland Library Association, -2002.

Publications: Author, "'Open Access,' Legal Publishing, and Online Repositories," Journal of law, medicine & ethics, v. 34,no. 1, spring 2006, forthcoming 2006; Editor (with Cindy Hepfer), Managing Electronic Resources: Contemporary Problems and Emerging Issues (ALCTS), 2006; Author (with James G. Neal and J. Randolph Call), "Predicting Publication Prices: Are the Old Models Still Relevant?" Library Resources & Technical Services, v. 47, no. 4, Oct. 2003, p. 188-191, 2003; Author (with Marc Truitt and Bob Boissy), "Serials Systems: Present and Future Considerations," Serials Review, v. 28, no. 2, 2002, p. 93-101, 2002; Author, "Perception versus Reality: Electronic Data Interchange in the Law Library Environment," Law Library Journal, v. 93, no. 2, spring 2001, p. 269-284, 2001; Editor, Managing Electronic Serials: Essays Based on the ALCTS Electronic Serials Institutes 1997-1999. (ALA), 2001.

Honors, Awards, Prizes, Medals, Citations: ALCTS Presidential Citation, June 2004; Bowker/Ulrich's Serials Librarianship Award, June 2004; Woodrow Wilson Fellowship, 1963-1964; Beta Phi Mu Honorary Library Science Society.

Accomplishments: For the library: Most recently, developed and implemented a process to handle copyright clearance and the distribution of printed coursepacks for all courses taught at the School of Law; manages the School of Law’s Research Papers Series under the auspices of the Legal Scholarship Network. For ALA: Planned and co-planned several programs and pre-conferences, including the two successful ALCTS Midwinter Symposia (2003 and 2004) on electronic resources (with Cindy Hepfer); worked with members of the ALCTS Fundraising Committee to establish the Sage Support Staff Grant which helps to underwrite attendance at ALA Annual Conference for eligible technical services support staff; revitalizing the ALCTS Papers Series by soliciting new material, developing publication proposals, and working with authors and editors to prepare manuscripts for publication - 4 titles were issued in January 2006 and a number of projects are currently in development for 2006 and 2007.