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Become an Endowment Trustee

Before you get too wrapped up with holiday preparations, please take the time to check out the treasurer's Web page and the announcement asking for endowment trustee applicants. The search has been extended to March 1st and BARC will be holding an Endowment Trustee Q&A session at the end of the Financial Planning Seminar (to be renamed to something more catchy like ALA Finances 101) to give members an opportunity to find out more about our long term investment fund and the trustees' role. The Financial Planning Seminar will be held Friday afternoon, January 20th.

Please feel free to pass this information to others who might be interested.

Resource Description and Access Update Forum

The Resource Description and Access ( RDA) Update Forum will be held on Saturday, Jan. 20 from 4 p.m.-6 p.m. in the Theater of the Henry B. Gonzales Convention Center. There will be a brief presentation on Resource Description and Access by Jennifer Bowen, the ALA Representative to the Joint Steering Committee for Revision of AACR (JSC). Most of the session will be devoted to discussion among the attendees and representatives from the JSC.    

NASIG Guide to Serials Holdings Now Available

Frieda Rosenberg has written the NASIG Guide to Serials Holdings, an online publication that provides instruction in the use of the MARC Format for Holdings Data and includes practical examples.    

Sally C. Tseng Receives ACTSS Award from the California Library Association

On November 6, 2005, the Access, Collections, and Technical Services Section (ACTSS) of the California Library Association presented its annual ACTSS Award to Sally C. Tseng. sally c. tseng Sally has been the Executive Director of the Chinese American Librarians Association (CALA) since 1999, and an Assembly Member of the California Library Association, from 2002 to the present. She was formerly the Head of Serials Cataloging at the University of California, Irvine Libraries and held the highest distinguished rank at the University of California librarians’ series. In the 1980s, Sally was elected as President of the Asian/Pacific American Librarians Association (APALA) and President of the Chinese American Librarians Association (CALA). She was elected as Councilor to the American Library Association (ALA) and of the California Library Association (CLA). She was also appointed to Chair major committees of ALA, CALA, CLA, ACRL, and ALCTS.

Gary Strong, California State Librarian, appointed Sally to chair the California Network Steering Committee and the California Network Serials Task Force from the late 1980s to 1990s. As a result of her visionary leadership and the strong support of the California State Library and library communities, California statewide online serials bibliographic records have been included in MELVYL, a University of California online database system that includes collections from all types of libraries in California. Beginning in the mid-1990s, these records became the foundation of the California Digital Library that provides links to full text journals, databases and Web resources via the World Wide Web.

Tseng’s recent significant achievements include serving as the chair of the ALCTS 2000-2003 Metadata preconferences and Regional Institutes on AACR2 and Metadata (two of the institutes were held in California in San Diego and San Jose in 2002 and 2003), and chair of the ALCTS Committee to Study Serials Cataloging from 1998 to 2001. Sally has published several major reference tools that are used worldwide, and has also authored several monographs. Her work includes: Knowledge without Boundaries: Organizing Information for the Future; Building Cultures: Chinese American Librarians and their Organization: A Glance at the Thirty Years of CALA, 1973–2003; Electronic Cataloging: AACR2 and Metadata for Serials and Monographs; LC Rule Interpretations of the Anglo American Cataloguing Rules (AACR) 1st–2nd editions; LC Romanization Tables and Cataloging Policies; Areas of Cooperation in Library Development in Asian and Pacific Regions; Getting Ready for AACR2: The Cataloger's Guide and others. In addition, she has published more than 50 articles and papers with an emphasis on library automation, cataloging and bibliographic records management and organization, digital resources, FRBR, knowledge management, metadata, Resources Description and Access, and serials.

She served as editor of the Journal of Educational Media & Library Sciences from 1982 to 1997, and ACRL Publications in Librarianship from 1997 to 1999. Sally is a much sought after speaker and trainer, and has been invited frequently to speak at international and national conferences and to conduct workshops in the United States and major cities in China, Korea, and Thailand. Two days before receiving the ACTSS award, she served as an instructor for the section’s CLA preconference workshop on Basic Subject Cataloging Using LCSH.


Discussion and Interest Group Topics

Collection Development Librarians of Academic Libraries Discussion Group

The Collection Development Librarians of Academic Libraries Discussion Group is offering the six topics listed below for roundtable discussion. If you are interested in serving as a facilitator or reporter for one of these topics, please contact June Schmidt (662) 325-7672. The meeting is scheduled on Saturday, January 21, 1:30-3:30, Room 215 of the Henry B. Gonzales Convention Center.

The discussion topics are:

  1. Finding funds to add new journals and databases;
  2. Use statistics for electronic resources. Which numbers best reflect actual usage and can they be compared from one database vendor to another?;
  3. Trends in book publishing. Number of titles published per year, cost per title, etc. Can our materials budgets keep up?;
  4. Patron acceptance of e-books. Best practices to promote these resources;
  5. Collection evaluation techniques and tools;
  6. Open access journals. What policies and practices are academic libraries putting in place?

Collection Management and Development Section Collection Development for the Practitioner Interest Group

The Collection Management and Development Section (CMDS) Collection Development for the Practitioner Interest Group will meet on Sunday, January 22, from 1:30 p.m.–3 p.m. in the Veramendi Room at La Mansion del Rio. Time permitting, topics for discussion will include: issues of interest that arise during discussions at the Chief Collection Development Officers of Large Research Libraries Discussion Group on Saturday morning; off-site storage: criteria for selection of materials for storage—is it possible to accommodate the needs of various disciplines and constituencies?; serials review as part of the budget reduction process: targeted reductions vs. across-the-board cuts; self-published works: how should libraries handle this category of materials?

Participants are encouraged to bring their own suggestions for discussion topics, or to e-mail them to Paul Vermouth. Topics that are not discussed at Midwinter due to time constraints will be held for future consideration.

Copy Cataloging Discussion Group

The Copy Cataloging Discussion Group will meet on Monday January 23, 10:30 a.m.–12 p.m. in Room 213A of the Harry B. Gonzales Convention Center. The discussion topic is "How LC Copy Cataloging Practices Affect Copy Cataloging in Local Libraries." Judith Mansfield (Chief, Arts & Sciences Cataloging Division) will give an overview of LC copy cataloging practices, focusing on practices unique to LC that are reflected in LC’s ILS or in distributed records. Luiz Mendes (Head, Copy Cataloging Section, UCLA) will share practices his library has adopted to address the LC copy cataloging practices. Rich Greene (Senior Consulting Database Specialist, OCLC) will discuss any special handling that OCLC may give to LC copy cataloging records. Questions and answers, as well as further input from attendees will follow. The meeting is open to all.

Creative Ideas in Technical Services Discussion Group

Join the Creative Ideas in Technical Services Discussion Group on Sunday, January 22, 2006, 4 p.m.–6 p.m. in the Del Rey South Room of the Hilton Palacio Del Rio to participate in one of seven topics for facilitated round table discussions:
  1. Acquisitions processes,
  2. Disaster preparedness in technical services,
  3. MARC records for e-journals,
  4. Planning for system downtime in technical services,
  5. Serials check-in and binding,
  6. Shifting journal subscriptions from print to electronic format, and
  7. Authority control and workflow.

Electronic Resource Interest Group

The E-Resources Interest Group is holding a discussion titled “Reality and Illusion: the Truth About Digital Projects and Sharing Metadata” on Saturday, January 21, 2006 10:30 a.m.–12:30 p.m. in Room 217A of the Henry B. Gonzales Convention Center. As libraries taking on the role of curators and producers of digital content, librarians are utilizing traditional cataloging skills in new ways. Panelists Carol Hixson (University of Oregon), and Ann Caldwell (Brown University) will comment on the successes and hardships with respect to the creation and sharing of metadata for digital objects in local collections. The panelists will address this issue in the context of specific standards and tools, such as Dublin Core, MODS, D-Space, and CONTENTdm.

Heads of Cataloging Discussion Group

The Heads of Cataloging Discussion Group will meet on Monday, January 23, 2006, 8 a.m.–10 a.m. in Room 217A of the Henry B. Gonzales Convention Center. Ann O'Bryan will lead a discussion of the difficulty and conflicts faced by middle managers. Marina Kolesnik will share findings of a study of best practices in catalog department operations. Other suggested discussion topics are issues and trends impacting the twenty-first century cataloging environment, the future of cataloging departments in light of the amount of outsourcing that is currently taking place, and quality control in original cataloging.

Networked Resources and Metadata Interest Group

Karen Coyle will speak at Networked Resources and Metadata Interest Group's (NRMIG) meeting at ALA Midwinter on Sunday, January 22, from 8 a.m.–10 a.m. in the Room 207B of the Henry B. Gonzales Convention Center (HCB). NRMIG has reserved 40 minutes of their meeting time for Ms. Coyle to discuss her recent work on Rights Expression Languages, including a recent report for the Library of Congress. She has requested that the session be conducted as an active discussion, and has requested that NRMIG provide questions in advance to gauge the group’s interests. Send questions related to rights expression languages, copyright, and metadata to Brian Surratt, NRMIG Program Chair by the end of December.

Scholarly Communications Discussion Group

The Scholarly Communications Discussion Group invites all interested individuals to its meeting on Monday, January 23, 2006 from 1:30 p.m.–3:30 p.m. in Room 211 of the Henry B. Gonzales Convention Center. There will be informal reports from the following individuals on the topic of scholarly communications, followed by discussions and questions from the Group: Catherine Candee from the California Digital Library, eScholarship Program; Catherine Hixson and Elizabeth Breakstone, University of Oregon, Scholars' Bank; Janice Boyer, University of Nebraska-Omaha, local forums and initiatives; and Julie Bobay, University of Indiana, D-Space institutional repository    

Midwinter Meeting Events

ALCTS Education Action Summit

Please join us for the ALCTS All-Education Action Summit on Friday, January 20 from 1 p.m.-5:30 p.m. in the Peraux Room of the St. Anthony Hotel. ALCTS wants your help identifying emerging technical skills and competencies that our members and the library community need. With your input and action, we will develop thematically related continuing education opportunities in Collections and Technical Services.

This highly important session will be facilitated by Maureen Sullivan and is sponsored by the ALCTS Education Committee. Put your thinking cap on, brainstorm, and come prepared to contribute and take action! RSVP to Karen LeTarte, Chair, LCTS Education Committee, by January 6.

ALCTS Member Reception

The ALCTS Member Reception will take place on Saturday, January 21 from 6 p.m.-8 p.m. in the Anacacho Room of the St. Anthony Hotel. This is a great opportunity to meet and network with others, including staff from the ALCTS Office, the Division President, and Division Officers. Be sure to stop by the reception.

ALCTS Volunteer Forum

Want to learn how you can get involved in ALCTS? Come to the third annual ALCTS Volunteer Forum, sponsored by the ALCTS Leadership Development Committee, on Saturday, January 21, 10:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. in Salon E/F of the Marriott Riverwalk. You will discover the ins and outs of the committee appointment process and hear firsthand from the division appointing officers about opportunities throughout the organization. Speakers include the ALCTS President Rosann V. Bazirjian and President-Elect Bruce Johnson, as well as Chairs-Elect of the Acquisitions, Cataloging and Classification, Collection Management and Development, Preservation and Reformatting, and Serials Sections and the Council of Regional Groups. You can volunteer for ALCTS activities by submitting the application form.

American Library Association President’s Forum on Education for Librarianship

On Friday, January 20, 2006, 1 p.m.-5:30 p.m. in Room 006 of the Henry B. Gonzales Convention Center, ALA President Michael Gorman invites library practitioners, educators and students to participate in a half-day forum to explore the big issues in library education: What is the nature of the profession of librarianship and what does the 21st century librarian need to know? How do we translate this understanding of our profession into a meaningful LIS curriculum? What are the implications for ALA accreditation? Presentations on these hot topics in LIS education will be followed by participant discussion and feedback. This is your opportunity to make your voice heard on an issue of vital importance to the future of our profession. Register online. There is no fee to register for this event.

Big Heads Working Group on Catalog Record Enhancement

The Big Heads Working Group on Catalog Record Enhancement will meet on Saturday, January 21, 4 p.m.-6 p.m. in Room 211 of the Henry B. Gonzales Convention Center. The meeting will report on RichCat, a project that builds on the long history of catalog record enhancement efforts by trying to reproduce online through the library catalog the browsing experience that library users have at the shelf. By enhancing catalog records, particularly for older materials, with evaluative content (table of contents, sample text, indexes, etc.), RichCat follows the lead and capitalizes on the success of Amazon as it has tried by various means to reproduce the bookstore browsing experience online.

The project team see such enhancement as a way of addressing users' concerns about lack of browsability as libraries move books to remote storage or, by consortial agreement, remove older, unused multiple copies from the local shelf in favor of a consortially held copy. The project foresees building a national cooperative in which individual libraries would produce content files using regular workflows and low-cost staff and then upload those files to a central distribution point so that other libraries may use the records in their catalog.

Proof-of-concept experiments among a group of collaborators from the Library of Congress, the Universities of Illinois and Florida, Emory University, and Haverford College are currently underway with the participation of Roy Tennant of CDL and OCLC's Office of Research.

Contact Bob Kieft for further information.

Connexion User Group

The Connexion User Group will meet on Sunday, January 22, 2006, 10:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. in Salon D of the Marriott Rivercenter. Please note the change in time from recent Connexion User Group meetings.

David Whitehair will provide brief updates on the Connexion browser and client. He will also present "Connexion Editing Tips and Tricks," covering such topics as constant data and text strings. Please come prepared to share your own editing tips and tricks! The remainder of the meeting is reserved for attendees to share Connexion “best practices," with time for questions and answers. Register online for this session.

International Relations Committee

Interested in learning more about international issues related to library collections, technical services and standards and ALCTS representation on IFLA Section Standing Committees? Join the ALCTS International Relations Committee (IRC) at its ALA Midwinter meeting on Saturday, January 21, 1:30 p.m.-3:30 p.m. in Room 216 of the Henry B. Gonzales Convention Center. Current ALCTS representatives to IFLA Sections will discuss what the IRC can do to facilitate their activities.

The IRC received a new, revised charge in 2004. Under the new charge, the IRC has a greater responsibility for coordinating international relations within the division, for outreach with counterpart groups of librarians abroad, and for encouraging ALCTS participation (collective and individual) in international conferences and other related activities.

OCLC Enhance Sharing Session

OCLC will sponsor an Enhance Sharing Session on Sunday, January 22, 4 p.m.-5 p.m. in the St. Anthony Hotel, Georgian Room. Please note the change in time from recent Enhance sessions.

The Enhance Sharing Session is intended as a forum for questions and answers and the exchange of information concerning OCLC's Enhance program. OCLC members who are current Enhance participants will find it most useful, but those who are considering applying for Enhance may also be interested. Questions from the floor are always welcome. Forward any specific topics you would like us to discuss to Jay Weitz. Any volunteers willing to take notes may also contact Jay at the same email address. Although advance registration for the Enhance Sharing Session is not required, you may register on the OCLC Web site.

Publisher - Vendor - Library Relations Interest Group Open Forum

The PVLR Open Forum in San Antonio will take place on Monday, January 23, 8 a.m.-10 a.m. in Room 204B in the Henry B. Gonzales Convention Center. The topic is “Standardized License Expression: Clarity, Control and Fair Use.” Some of the most difficult issues related to the management of electronic resources revolve around licensing. To help ease the pain, many are calling for a new set of industry standards to express license terms more clearly and simply. While all segments of the library market have a stake in these developments, their goals and requirements may sometimes seem to be in conflict with one another. With an introduction by Tim Jewell (of ERMI Group fame), libraries, publishers, and standards organizations will describe various perspectives on what is needed, and how best to move forward. Speakers include: Trisha Davis, Ohio State University; Alicia Wise, Publishers Licensing Society, UK; Brian Green, EDItEUR; and Richard Fyffe, University of Kansas.