From the Editor

Miriam Palm, Editor

miriam palm It’s Been Fun. . .

As my term as ALCTS Newsletter Online editor draws to a close, I want to say how enjoyable the years have been since I became editor in August 2000. In some ways it seems like decades, but in others, “only yesterday.” In these five years, our division has had a complete turnover in its office staff, including the executive director; has gone from sharing its staff with LAMA to breaking out on its own; and has elected a succession of amazingly talented and gracious officers and boards of directors with whom it has been my privilege to work. The Newsletter itself has morphed from quarterly to bimonthly, and from an eight-week production cycle to a much quicker two-week timeframe; its format has undergone three major changes. (We know all the back issues of the volumes I edited aren’t easily available online right now, but we are working on it.)

ANO contains articles authored primarily by you, the members of ALCTS. This is your newsletter, “the voice of ALCTS,” and many of you have used it to publicize the good work your units and our division as a whole are accomplishing. As I gather information and prepare each issue for publication, I continue to be impressed with all the pies in which we have our fingers.

I am not vanishing quite yet: I will share preparation of the August 2005 issue, our largest issue each year, with the new editor (as yet not named), and you can be assured that “Miriam’s Naughty and Nice List,” my tracking of the groups that have and have not submitted their required conference reports, will appear at least once more. As I step away from this role and my seat on the board, I want to thank every one of you for your comments and suggestions during my term as editor. I truly value them all, and they have helped me make the newsletter a better publication. With your help, I am sure my successor will continue along this path.

So, thanks for all the memories, from me and also from Patrick, my Irish Wolfhound who has appeared in the photographs with my columns. He and I will find other projects to occupy our time, and we will look forward to reading the issues prepared by the new editor!

Au revoir. . . .