From the President

carol pitts diedrichs, alcts president

Carol Pitts Diedrichs, ALCTS President

ALCTS to Present Donation to Field Museum

I’m delighted to announce that an anonymous donor has purchased the world’s largest book, Bhutan: A Visual Odyssey Across the Last Himalayan Kingdom, created by President’s Program speaker, Michael Hawley. The Web site below should pique your interest and encourage you to attend the President’s Program on Monday, June 27, to see it in person. The book has 113 pages, weighs 130 pounds, and opens to a staggering five feet by seven feet. While Bhutan is indeed a book, it is also a work of art. It is comprised almost entirely of stunning, colorful images of the country and people of Bhutan.

bhutan book on display

The book will be presented to Chicago’s Field Museum during Monday’s President’s Program. The President’s Program Committee, ably chaired by Cindy Hepfer and Julie Gammon, had a chance to see a copy of the book in person during ALA Midwinter Meeting in Boston. So inspired were we that Cindy and Julie, along with Beth Russell and Karen Calhoun, made it their personal mission to find a donor so the book could be presented in concert with Hawley’s presentation. There is also a coffee table version of the book, which will serve as a door prize at the ALCTS Membership reception on Sunday, June 26. We’ll also be continuing our new tradition of honoring our award winners at the reception. Come celebrate!

To learn more about Bhutan and its foundation, see the Friendly Planet Fact Sheet: MIT and Friendly Planet Present Bhutan—the World’s Largest Published Book.

New Skeleton Schedule

At the 2005 Midwinter Meeting, ALA passed a new skeleton schedule for conference that takes effect at the 2006 Midwinter Meeting next year. These changes will have a significant impact on the scheduling of committees and other events. Section chairs and division committee chairs will be receiving specific instructions on what must occur by the 2005 Annual Conference. The rationale for this change from ALA is based on the need to make more effective use of meeting space.

What Does It Really Mean?

  • many committees and boards will need to change meeting times;
  • there will be fewer meeting slots;
  • the sequence in which meetings occur will be disrupted and require rethinking; for example, a committee that must meet and then report to its section board may have to change its meeting times to ensure that this sequence can occur;
  • meeting attendees will need to confirm meeting times and adjust their plans accordingly.

LRTS Issues Online

Step one of making LRTS available online has occurred! ALA Production Services is putting past issues up in PDF form. Eventually we’ll have issues back through 1999. These issues will be open to anyone, but we will retain a two-year moving wall for current content. At the end of 2005, issues for 2003 will be posted.

Step two—delivering issues electronically to subscribers—is still in the planning stages. Olivia Madison is working with the Division Presidents’ group and ALA Publishing to move this initiative forward.

For now, the LRTS back issues, vols. 45(2001) & 46(2002) are available online.

CRG Speakers Bureau Directory

Finally, let me make a plug for a wonderful resource from the Council of Regional Groups. Their Speakers’ Bureau Directory is a great resource if you are looking for a speaker for a meeting or conference. Be sure to check it out.