Edward Swanson, Column Editor, MINITEX Library Information Network

Edward Swanson, LRTS Book Review Editor, is writing the Publications column for the ALCTS Newsletter. The following publications have been received recently and may be considered for review in a future issue of LRTS. Anyone interested in writing reviews for LRTS can get in touch with the Book Review Editor at or

Animals are the Issue: Library Resources on Animal Issues.
Ed. John M. Kistler.  New York: Haworth Information Press, 2005. cloth: 0-7890-2488-8 $39.95; paper: 0-7890-2489-6 $24.95 The Reference Librarian no. 86

Authority Control in Organizing and Accessing Information: Definition and International Experience.
Eds. Arlene G. Taylor, Barbara B. Tillett. New York: Haworth Information Press, 2005. cloth: 0-7890-2715-1 $59.95; paper: 0-7890-2716-X $34.95 Cataloging & Classification 38, nos. 3/4, and 39, nos. 1/2

Copyright in Cyberspace 2: Questions and Answers for Librarians.
By Gretchen McCord Hoffmann. New York: Neal-Schuman Pub., 2005. paper: 1-55570-517-0 $75.

E-Journals: A How-to-Do-It Manual for Building, Managing, and Supporting Electronic Journal Collections.
By Donnelyn Curt Schuman Pub., 2005. paper: 1-55570-465-4 $75.

Essential Dewey.
By J. H. Bowman. New York: Neal-Schuman Pub., 2005. paper: 1-55570-544-8 $55.

A Guide to Developing End User Education Programs in Medical Libraries.
Ed. Elizabeth Connor. New York: Haworth Information Press, 2005. cloth: 0-7890-1724-5 $39.95; paper: 0-7890-1725-3 $24.95.

A Guide to Docutek, Inc.’s ERes Software: A Way to Manage Electronic Reserves.
Ed. James M. McCloskey. New York: Haworth Information Press, 2005. cloth: 0-7890-2782-8 $39.95; paper: 0-7890-2783-6 $19.95. Journal of Interlibrary Loan, Document Delivery & Electronic Reserve 15, no. 1.

A Guide to Slavic Collections in the United States and Canada.
Eds. Allan Urbanic, Beth Feinberg. New York: Haworth Information Press, 2005. cloth: 0-7890-2249-4 $29.95; paper: 0-7890-2250-8 $19.95. Slavic & East European Information Resources 5, 3/4.

Information Retrieval Design: Principles and Options for Information Description, Organization, Display, and Access in Information Retrieval Databases, Digital Libraries, Catalogs, and Indexes.
By James D. Anderson, José Pérez-Carballo. St. Petersburg, Fla.: Ometeca Institute, 2005. cloth: 1-9763547-1-3 $80; paper: 1-9763547-0-5 $60; e-book: 1-9763547-2-1 $29.95

Innovations in Science and Technology Libraries.
Eds. William Miller, Rita M. Pellen. New York: Haworth Information Press, 2004. cloth: 0-7890-2364-4 $69.95; paper: 0-7890-2365-2 $49.95. Science & Technology Libraries 24, nos. 1/2 and 3/4.

Medical Library Downsizing: Administrative, Professional, and Personal Strategies for Coping with Change.
By Michael J. Schott. New York: Haworth Information Press, 2005. cloth: 0-7890-0431-5 $29.95; paper: 0-7890-0428-0 $19.95

Planning and Evaluating Library Networked Services and Resources.
Eds. John Carlos Bertot, Denise M. Davis. Westport, Conn.: Libraries Unlimited, 2004. paper: 1-56308-964-5 $45.

Preparing for the Worst, Planning for the Best: Protecting Our Cultural Heritage from Disaster.
Eds. Johanna G. Wellheiser, Nancy E. Gwinn. München: K.G. Saur, 2005. cloth: 3-598-21842-7 €78. IFLA Publications 111.
Proceedings of a Conference Sponsored by the IFLA Preservation and Conservation Section, the IFLA Core Activity for Preservation and Conservation, and the Council on Library and Information Resources, Inc., with the Akademie der Wissenschaften and the Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin, Berlin, Germany, July 30–August 1, 2003.

Who Wants Yesterday’s Papers? Essays on the Research Value of Printed Materials in the Digital Age.
Eds. Yvonne Carignhan, Danielle DuMerer, Susan Klier Koutsky, Eric N. Lindquist, Kara M. McClurken, Douglas P. McElrath. Lanham, Md.: Scarecrow Press, 2004. paper: 0-8108-5119-9 $45.