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ALCTS Office Issues Special Announcement on April 1

Charles Wilt, ALCTS Executive Director, issued the following announcement to the Leaders List on April 1, 2005. We are reproducing it here so all members can enjoy it!

And now, the news. . . .

Congress passed emergency legislation this past week setting aside funds to help shore up the libraries at Harvard, Yale, Stanford, and other institutions. Backlash against the Google-ization of the collections and the fall in the value of university endowments due to the shrinking value of the dollar were cited as reasons.

Contrary to a report in the Chicago Tribune on Tuesday, the new ALA fundraising event is NOT “Run for our lives.” The correct name is ”Run for our livres.”

On another financial note, ALA management continues to examine alternate revenue generating sources. Being considered: an ALA car wash at Annual Conference featuring ALA Council members, cookie and candy sales outside selected CTA stops, and the naming rights of the bricks on the facade of the 50 East Huron ALA headquarters building.

ALA President Carol Brey-Casiano testified before the U.S. House Subcommittee on Steroid Use in Major League Baseball to explain the “@ your library” campaign’s involvement.

The Washington Post reported on Thursday that a former Soviet listening post was discovered during renovation work in the basement of the new ALA Washington Office building. An unnamed ALA spokesperson indicated there might be a significant correlation between the post’s location and its proximity to ARL and CLIR headquarters. Both organizations dismiss any such insinuation.

A highly placed Bush administration official categorically denied that John Ashcroft will be named NCLIS chair.

Based on the enormous popularity of its reality show “Intervention,” the A&E network announced the premiere of its newest reality show “Interoperability.” The new show will feature librarians with communications and relational issues.

The ALA Executive Board, in its recent announcement to extend the “@ your library” campaign, unveiled three new cooperative agreements. Over the next five years, ALA will develop campaigns in cooperation with the National Hockey League, AMTRAK, and Merck Pharmaceuticals.

After a recent report on the Animal Planet network concerning the near extinction of the FRBeaR and the ERM, conservationists flooded Congressional offices with requests to protect these endangered species. A few sightings of the FRBeaR were reported in remote locations near Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, D.C. ERMs were spotted in Chicago, San Diego, and Lexington, Kentucky. A spokesperson for the “Save the ERM Foundation” announced a benefit concert featuring U2 and Sting at this year’s ALA Annual Conference in Chicago. Negotiations are underway to hold the event in Soldier Field in place of the Scholarship Bash. Barbara Beacom, a FRBeaR advocate, stated in a recent interview that petitions have been sent to ALA Council asking the Council to pass a resolution condemning the FRBeaR destruction and urging Congress to pass protective legislation. Huge demonstrations are expected on the steps of the Library of Congress during ALA Legislation Day.

Due to the controversy over AACR3, the Joint Steering Committee for the Revision of AACR and ALA Publishing have decided to delay publication until 2010. The new AACR, tentatively named AACR2010, gives more time and opportunity for the library community to comment, according to Mary Ghikas of ALA. ALA Publishing refused comment on allegations the delay is only a ploy to make more money. An unidentified spokesperson stated that extending the publication date would require libraries to buy ONLY four more updates.

In Brussels, Belgium, noted Belgian bibliographer, Marc Format (pronounced for-ma), announced a revolutionary agreement among the National Libraries of the European Union countries. Format, speaking to a large European audience Friday morning, revealed a plan to create an EU version of the cataloging rules, European Union Rules for the Organization of Information (EUROI [pronounced EURO]). According to Format, “Even these little gray cells realize the need to break from this Anglo-American influence.”

The last bit of news . . .
In honor of National Library Week, ice cream maker, Ben & Jerry’s, has created five new flavors:

  • Dusty Books—delicious caramel swirls in vanilla ice cream with a hint of cinnamon;
  • Copy Cantaloupe—Cantaloupe sherbet mixed with vanilla ice cream;
  • GovChocs—vanilla ice cream with large chunks of chocolate;
  • Periodicals N’ Cream—Peach swirls and bits in vanilla ice cream; and
  • Liberry—Vanilla ice cream laced with rich swirls of raspberry, blueberry, and strawberry
(Coming this summer to the ALA Annual Conference, Peach Fiels)

Until the spirit moves me,