ALCTS Announces Continuing Education Topics for Spring 2005

ALCTS will offer the following workshops this spring: its popular Web course on Fundamentals of Acquisitions, and two cataloging workshops in May, in California and New York. For additional details, see the ALCTS Events Web Site. The exact dates of the workshops will be announced shortly.

Fundamentals of Acquisitions Web Course
Four-week course will be offered twice this spring:
March 7–April 1 April 4–29
The Fundamentals of Acquisitions focuses on what you need to know about the basics of acquiring monographs and serials: goals and methods; financial management of materials budgets; and relationships among acquisitions librarians, library booksellers, subscription agents, and publishers. Participants will receive a broad overview of the operations involved in acquiring materials after the selection decision is made.
Basic Course Components:

  • Goals of Acquisitions Services
  • Methods and Basic Functions of Acquisitions
  • Ethics
  • Budget/Finance and Accounting
Who Should Attend:
Tailored for librarians and paraprofessionals new to the acquisitions field. it is a fundamentals course and thus, the topics are introductory in nature. Class segments are geared to cover issues of interest to staff in all types of libraries.
For more information see the Fundamentals of Acquisitions web page.

Rules & Tools for Cataloging Internet Resources
May 5–6, 2005 in San Jose, CA
May 19–20, 2005 in Buffalo, NY
This two-day workshop provides instruction and exercises in various aspects of MARC/AACR2 cataloging of electronic resources. It’s designed for practicing catalogers from all types of libraries who have a working knowledge of MARC and AACR2.
At the end of the workshop, you will be able to:

  • Catalog electronic monographs
  • Catalog electronic serials
  • Catalog multiple versions and aggregators
  • Catalog electronic integrating resources (Web sites & databases)
  • Update integrating resource bibliographic records for changes
  • Understand machine-assisted generation of cataloging

Basic Subject Cataloging Using LCSH
May 19–20, 2005 in Buffalo, NY
This two-day workshop will present the full subject analysis training program developed by subcommittees of the ALCTS Subject Analysis Committee and the PCC Standing Committee on Training. It is designed to benefit catalogers at all levels and individuals involved in the education and training of catalogers.
Sessions include:

  • Basic subject analysis principles and tools and provide training in the application of Library of Congress subject headings and subdivisions
  • MARC coding and subject authorities
  • SACO
  • Overview analyzing select specialized subject areas and formats