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Editor's note: This is the eighth in a series of short articles featuring profiles of organizations that support ALCTS. Vendor profiles are a benefit of sponsorship at the Incunabula and Vellum levels, and do not represent an endorsement of the services or products offered by a company.

Springer is an international scientific publishing companies and ranks second in the world in the science, technology and medicine (STM) sector. Created by the merger of Kluwer Academic Publishers and Springer-Verlag, its publications cover a wide range of subjects including biomedicine and life sciences, clinical medicine, physics, engineering, mathematics, computer sciences, economics, the arts, and social sciences. The program is rounded off by publications on law and management. In addition, titles for people working in the health sectors appear in German under the brand name "Springer Medizin". 1,250 journals and more than 3,000 new books are published by Springer worldwide each year, 80 percent of which are in English.

Tradition and dynamics go hand-in-hand at Springer. The people who have shaped its corporate history have been people who have retained the best of the past while pioneering new business ideas. Springer-Verlag was founded in 1842, initially focusing on political papers, young people's literature, agriculture, forestry, pharmacy and engineering. From 1881 onwards, publishing in engineering and medicine consistently increased. Later, the grandchildren of the company's founders made progress in internationalizing the business, and in 1964 the New York branch was opened. Kluwer's beginnings are quite similar. Founded in 1889, Kluwer experienced nearly a century of gradual expansion. But in 1998 Kluwer expanded dynamically, acquiring Plenum Publishers as well as Chapman & Hall Publishers. The rich traditions of both companies provide a solid foundation for Springer's future.

Both the Springer-Verlag and Kluwer brands have been synonymous with scientific publishing. Their authors have included a significant number of respected experts. The big names in the history of science and engineering, including Albert Einstein, Werner von Siemens, Marie Curie, and Otto Hahn, are evidence of the tradition and quality of Springer-Verlag and Kluwer publications. An impressive number of Nobel prizewinners continue to be added to the list of authors.

Like its authors and its publishing program, Springer is truly international - with offices in Heidelberg, Dordrecht, Vienna, London, Milan, New York, Tokyo, and New Delhi. Springer is part of the specialist publishing group Springer Science+Business Media, which owns 70 publishing companies in 18 countries throughout the world, and employs some 5,400 people. Visit www.springeronline.com to find out more about Springer.

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