Photos from Annual Conference 2004

All captions are from left to right.

Brian E.C. Schottlaender (ALCTS President), Genevieve Owens (ALCTS Publications Chair),
Carol Pitts Diedrichs (ALCTS President-Elect), Olivia Madison (ALCTS Past-President)

Julie Reese (ALCTS Continuing Education and Meetings Staff) &
Kirsten Ahlen (ALCTS Publications & Membership Staff)

Rosann Bazirjian (ALCTS Incoming President-Elect) &
Charles Wilt (ALCTS Executive Director)

Bill Robnett (ALCTS President 2001-2002), Charles Wilt (ALCTS Executive Director), &
Olivia Madison (ALCTS President 2002-2003)

Carol Pitts Diedrichs (ALCTS President-Elect)

Bruce Chr. Johnson (ALCTS Councilor), Jennifer Bowen (ALCTS Cataloging & Classification Section Chair),
& Ann Caldwell (ALCTS Cataloging & Classification Section Secretary-Elect)

Helen Reed (ALCTS Planning Committee Chair) &
Nancy Gibbs (ALCTS Acquisitions Section Chair)

Sara Shatford Layne (ALCTS Metadata Enrichment Task Force) &
Olivia Madison (ALCTS Past-President)

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