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See You Soon In Orlando!

Miriam Palm, ALCTS Newsletter Online Editor

miriam palm, alcts editor I was going to title this column either “Mickey Mouse Conference” or “See You in the Mouse House”, but decided that, since our primary reason for assembling in Orlando is for other purposes, I’d forego the reference to Disney. While I hope all conference attendees have a great time whatever they do, please remember that ALCTS has an outstanding array of programs being offered and I hope you can attend as many as possible. I find that programs not in my primary area of interest are usually quite valuable at broadening my sphere. The August issue of the Newsletter will contain reports on the programs, so you can “catch up” on ones you missed.

Please see the meeting schedules in the April issue for full information on where and when our events are happening. For those of you planning programs for 2005, be sure to sign up for a time slot to share your plans with the Program Committee during this conference.

And be sure to attend our Awards Ceremony and Reception, being held on Sunday at 5 p.m., to cheer on our members whose accomplishments have been recognized and rewarded.

Travel safely and dress for the heat.

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