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Editor's note: This is the fourth in a series of short articles featuring profiles of organizations that support ALCTS. Vendor profiles are a benefit of sponsorship at the Incunabula and Vellum levels, and do not represent an endorsement of the services or products offered by a company.

Elsevier is a multiple-media publisher of scientific, technical and health information products and services. For over a century, it has linked researchers and professionals to the best thinking in their fields of scholarship. Today the company's portfolio of products offers coverage of all the sciences through journals and books, software, databases and more. It employs 7,000 people in nearly 100 locations around the world.

Serving the scientific, technical and medical (STM) communities, the company carries out its mission through both core business activities and also partnerships with libraries and the communities they serve: its electronic products and services support librarians worldwide in meeting their patrons' needs for STM information in a variety of ways. The National Library of the Netherlands and Elsevier have partnered to create the first official, independent digital archive of all Elsevier journals. This initiative will provide permanent access to critical scientific and medical research. Elsevier's support of and participation in the UN's WHO Health InterNetwork and the Food and Agricultural Organization's AGORA provide developing countries with free access to scientific resources.

In 2002 the Elsevier Foundation was formed to provide grants and contributions to libraries, organizations, youth development and literacy programs that advance science education, research and scholarly thinking. Through these partnerships Elsevier, libraries and the STM community are helping to forge an information world that knows no boundaries.

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