2004 Nominees for ALCTS Division and Section Officers

Following is the slate of candidates for ALCTS division and section offices for the 2004 elections.


Vice President/President-Elect

Helen Reed, University of Northern Colorado
Rosann Bazirjian, Pennsylvania State University


Michele Crump, University of Florida-Gainesville
Karen Darling, University of Missouri-Columbia

Council of Regional Groups


Elaine Yontz, Valdosta State University
Elaine Franco, University of California-Davis


Vice Chair/Chair-Elect

Karl Debus-Lopez, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Karen Wilhoit, Wright State University


Kay Granskog, Michigan State University
David Goldsmith, North Carolina State University


Lynda Clendenning, Indiana University
Patrick Steele, Cuyahoga County Public Library

Cataloging and Classification

Vice Chair/Chair-Elect

John Mitchell, Library of Congress
Cynthia Whitacre, Online Computer Library Center

Member-at-Large (vote for two)

Mechael Charbonneau, Indiana University
Karen Hsu, New York Public Library
Martin Kurth, Cornell University
Manuel Urrizola, University of California-Irvine


Ann Caldwell, Brown University
John Hostage, Harvard Law School Library

Collection Management and Development

Vice Chair/Chair-Elect

Larry Alford, University of North Carolina
Cheryl Kern-Simirenko, Purdue University

Member-at-Large (2 year term)

Robert Nardini, YBP Library Services
Write-In Candidate

Member-at-Large (3 year term)

Pat Loghry, University of Notre Dame
Write-In Candidate

Preservation and Reformatting

Vice Chair/Chair-Elect

Elizabeth Schobernd, Illinois State University
Joan Gatewood, University of Michigan


Mary Ellen Starmer, University of Tennessee
Jacob Nadal, Indiana University
Elizabeth Dube, University of Notre Dame


Thomas Teper, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Jean Ann Croft, University of Pittsburgh
Cathleen Mook, University of Florida-Gainesville


Vice Chair/Chair-Elect

Ann Doyle, University of Kentucky
Jill Emery, University of Houston


Robert Alan, Pennsylvania State University
Marguerite (Maggie) Horn, State University of New York-Albany

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