This is Not Your Mother's (Father's) LRTS!

Peggy Johnson, Interim Editor of LRTS (

We see a lot in the media about the graying-and the greening-of the workforce. Graphs, presenting data showing the large number of librarians in their fifties and sixties, accompany articles asking what we are doing to encourage younger people to enter and remain in the profession of librarianship. Baby boomers are reminded that the perspective and expectations of younger generations of librarians and users need to be respected if our libraries are to remain vital and vibrant. This holds true for the perspective and content of journals, as well.

Library Resources and Technical Services ( LRTS), the official journal of ALCTS, is approaching its fiftieth birthday in 2006. We-the editor and editorial board-are doing everything we can to ensure it remains indispensable to librarians in all phases of their careers. Over the last several issues, we have increased the number of articles and book reviews, the variety of topics addressed, and their timeliness. We aim for a journal that you are excited to receive and that is full of papers that are interesting, stimulating, and informative. They are founded in research and literature reviews, while speaking to concerns and problems of practitioners. They aim to report the research and experiences of people concerned with the library work within the scope of ALCTS and to be of value to educators and students, as well as those who work in the field.

Our mission and that of LRTS is to support the theoretical, intellectual, practical, and scholarly aspects of the profession of collection management and development, acquisitions, cataloging and classification, preservation and reformatting, and serials, by publishing articles and book reviews, and editorials and correspondence in response. LRTS is again publishing papers under the heading "Notes from Operations," which report on specific projects and new initiatives that can inform other libraries and librarians.

We are working to produce a journal that is attractive and engaging visually as well as stimulating to read. You will see more images accompanying papers and covers that, we hope, capture your attention. This does not mean that LRTS is turning away from its scholarly mission. Submissions remain subject to double-blind peer review and are held to a high standard of content and writing. All potential publications are reviewed according to relevance to the aims and scope of LRTS, documentation of sources and background information, methodology, analysis, presentation, and style.

The standards are high, but we want to bring your submissions to publication. To that end, we work with authors to revise their work and to submit for a second review-when a paper has obvious potential. Authors are encouraged to contact the editor and members of the editorial board with ideas for possible papers.

As we look to celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of LRTS, we are looking to previous volumes for important papers from the past-and asking authors to examine their content from today's perspective. We are excited about looking forward as we recognize the insights provided over the years that LRTS has been published.

We want to respond to our readers' needs and interests-we want to hear from you! To foster this communication, a survey will be sent electronically to the ALCTS membership this year. You don't need to wait for the survey, however. Please let us hear from you-what do you want to see in LRTS?

LRTS Editorial Board

Peggy Johnson (Chair and Interim Editor)
Edward Swanson (Interim Book Review Editor)
Kathy Brown (Member-at-large)
Lynn Silpigni Connaway (Member-at-large)
Jack Montgomery (Member-at-large)
Stanley J. Wilder (Member-at-large)
Trisha L. Davis (AS Representative)
Norman S. Medeiros (CCS Representative)
Linda L. Phillips (CMDS Representative)
Christina Bellinger (CRG Representative)
Sue Kellerman (PARS Representative)
Martin Murray Kurth (SS Representative)
Miriam W. Palm ( ALCTS Newsletter Online Editor, ex officio)

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