Candidates for ALCTS Vice-President Offer "Statements of Concern"

Rosann Bazirjian

Assistant Dean for Technical & Access Services
Pennsylvania State University Libraries

Helen L. Reed

Associate Dean
University of Northern Colorado Libraries

ALCTS is the home of Technical Services and Collections librarians, support staff, and students. As members, and in our libraries, we play an ever-important role in this age of diminishing budgets, rapid technological change and reduced staff resources. The need to communicate among ourselves and provide continuing education opportunities is paramount. I encourage the continuation and further development of conferences and publications emanating from the ALCTS membership. As spearheaded by ALCTS, these provide opportunities for growth and the important exchange of knowledge. Along these lines, I also feel that it is very important for ALCTS to build a strong community network that provides a place to share ideas and reflects and enhances the diversity of its members. The strategic plan for ALCTS calls for ALCTS to "create opportunities to interact and exchange information with others in the library and information communities". It is important that we build on this by not only improving communication with all constituencies both inside and outside of ALA but by actively creating opportunities for participation within ALCTS for all facets of the membership. We can encourage camaraderie, partnerships and linkages and tap into all that our diverse members can contribute. We also need to open up new opportunities for our ALCTS membership as our roles and responsibilities change. For example, we need to let those members working in electronic resources know that their home is with ALCTS by providing committee and volunteer opportunities for them.

I look forward to being given the opportunity to work with all of our division's members and leaders through hard work to move ALCTS forward by taking advantage of our opportunities, meeting any challenges that may come our way and opening more opportunities for committee participation.

In the rapidly changing library and information environment, technical services and collections librarians and staff have a more critical role than ever. It is the goal of ALCTS to provide an organization that meets the professional and educational needs of its members who identify, acquire, describe, organize and preserve information resources in all formats. To accomplish this, ALCTS must continue to provide opportunities for discussion, training, and research on current topics through offering programs in various conference venues, building a cadre of web-based and face-to-face continuing education opportunities, and publishing tools for practitioners. In the last few years, ALCTS established a sound strategic planning process and created an organizational framework that is flexible and dynamic, aimed at providing services to the membership and ensuring that ALCTS is an efficient, fiscally sound organization. In coordination with the ALA planning process, ALCTS must now renew planning efforts to ensure the ongoing effective management of the ALCTS resources in support of its efforts to recruit membership from all levels of staff and all types of libraries, build strategic alliances with other information organizations and enhance our educational and publishing programs. Having served ALCTS in a numerous capacities over many years, I have had an opportunity help the Association develop and evolve to meet the challenges of our organizational and professional environments. I would be honored to bring together and work with ALCTS leaders and membership to continue to meet the challenges before us.

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