Key Actions from ALCTS Midwinter Board Meetings in San Diego

Following are the key actions, in summary form, taken by the ALCTS Board of Directors during the 2004 ALA Midwinter Meeting in San Diego. Routine actions, such as adopting agendas and approving minutes, are not included.

Moved responsibility for assigning funding to official representatives on IFLA committees relevant to ALCTS interests from the International Relations Committee to the ALCTS office.
Extended the terms of the ALCTS LC Action Plan Task Force through the ALA 2005 Conference, to allow the task force to coordinate the development work as part of 5.1 and 5.3 of the LC Action Plan for the Bibliographic Control of Web Resources.
Accepted the award recommendations of seven award juries for the 2004 award presentations.
Accepted and approved the 2004 division, section and CRG election slate as proposed by the division Nominating Committee, and as amended by the chair of PARS.
Endorsed the "Resolution on USA Patriot Act Related Measures That Infringe on the Rights of Library Users."
Approved the preliminary FY 2005 budget.
Moved that ALCTS no longer financially support the North American Title Count (NATC).
Moved that the Preservation Education Directory, 8th Edition, be posted on the ALCTS Web site as a freely available publication.
Approved the "ALCTS Web Publications Definitions" drafted by the Publications Committee.
Passed a motion encouraging ALA to adopt some type of automatic periodical (e.g., monthly) payment plan for ALA membership dues.

Endorsed the Membership Committee's recommendation that the ALCTS Newsletter Online remain open to all as a public relations vehicle on the open portion of the ALCTS Web site.

Defeated a motion brought by the Membership Committee recommending that at this time as much of the ALCTS Web site as possible remain open to all.
Approved an additional giving level, called "Sextodecimo" for contributions of up to $249.00, be established, with benefits including a thank you letter, sponsor's name on the ALCTS Web site, sponsor's name on relevant program publicity, and on the sponsor's recognition page in LRTS.
Approved that as a substitute for the Web banner benefit of the "Incunabula" level of giving, an advertisement in two issues of the ALCTS Newsletter Online, but not in the same issue as the same vendor's profile, be offered.
Supported a revision of the current pre-conference protocols by adopting, on a two-year pilot basis, a new "modular" approach to programming, allowing participants to pay by module (half day, full day, day and a half, or two days) rather than by pre-conference event. Participants, paying a fixed registration fee, would then attend the event(s) of their choosing.
Defeated a motion to amend criteria for the AS Leadership in Library Acquisitions Award to require that candidates "be a current member of ALA and ALCTS."

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