ALCTS Announces Programs and Preconferences for the 2004 Annual Conference in Orlando

The following events are scheduled for Orlando; please click on the links to learn more or go to ALCTS Events.

Preconference Offerings at the 2004 Annual Conference

Effective Subject Cataloging with LCSH
This two-day preconference will present the full subject analysis training program now being developed by subcommittees of the ALCTS Subject Analysis Committee and the PCC Standing Committee on Training.

Back to the Future: Understanding the Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records Model (FRBR) and its Impact on Users, OPACS, and Knowledge Organization
This one-and-a-half day preconference will demonstrate how FRBR will influence the future development of information standards within the library community, and acquaint technical services and IT professionals with the implications of the FRBR model for cataloging rules, MARC formats and other emerging standards for electronic technologies.

Putting the Digital Puzzle Together: Creating a Digital Project
This preconference will present speakers who are seasoned specialists who will describe the choices in metadata standards used to provide access and description to digital objects, the process of implementing digital projects, and how to receive funding for their projects.

Program Offerings at Annual Conference 2004

  • President's Program - Libraries and the Management of the Cultural Record
  • Acquisitions Technology Trends: Changing the Way We Do Business
    This program will focus on identifying technology trends in acquisitions in the next three to five years.
  • Best Practices: Collection Management and the Application of New Measures for Library Assessment
    It has been recognized that traditional measures are no longer good indicators of success and that outcome based performance measures need to be developed. Individuals directly involved in "new measures" initiatives will summarize what they have learned, and will identify which approaches appear to be most effective in establishing new measures for library performance.
  • Effective Committee Management: Basic Skills for Success
    Committees serve a vital role in the management of libraries and in organizations such as ALA. Chairs and members need basic skills to carry out their roles effectively. Attend this ALCTS program to gain insights into the do's and don'ts of committee work!
  • Enriching Subject Access
    This program will propose methods for clustering subjects as an aid to searching followed by vendor response and an overview of linking, mapping, and managing.
  • Growing Our Own: Mentoring Library Science Students for Cataloging
    The program will explore mentoring in general, with a presentation by a mentoring expert.
  • Help! I'm Damaged and I Can't Circulate!: Repair Options for Circulating and Reference Collections
    Many libraries need to perform basic level treatments for damaged circulating and reference collection materials. This program will present various options for developing and in-house repair program.
  • Library Catalogs and Non-Roman Scripts: Development and Implementation of Unicode for Cataloging and Public Access
    This program will look at the issues surrounding the implementation of non-roman scripts in library catalogs from a number of perspectives.
  • LOCKSS: Why It Is So Important, and What It Can Do for Libraries
    This program will present an overview of the "Lots of Copies Keep Stuff Safe" (LOCKSS) system, including its philosophy, technology, current development, and the opportunity to participate.
  • Now That We Have Revised Chapter 12, Where Do We Go From Here?
    This program is designed to address future serials cataloging issues.
  • Open Access, Open Minds: Entering Trends in Information Creation, Ownership, Dissemination and Retention
    This program will examine two particular aspects of the new Open Access movement-Institutional Repositories and the Creative Commons.
  • The Portals Puzzle
    What are portals? How does the catalog interact with a portal? The speakers will answer these questions, describe the varying features of portals, and/or tell us how they implemented one in their library.
  • SALSA de Topicos=Subjects in SALSA: Spanish and Latin American Subject Access
    A dynamic look at the subject analysis and classification for Spanish-speaking library patrons, with an emphasis on the fluid boundary between the "domestic" and the "international".
  • Serials Standards Updates Forum
    A panel discussion providing updates and information about the status of standards development in several key areas of library related work.
  • Training for Effective Name and Title Authority Work
    This program is an introduction to a proposed CCS/PCC initiative to provide non-NACO training in authority work on a similar model to CONSER and SCCTP.
  • Two Thumbs Up! Preservation Film Festival
    Films will be shown that describe preservation concerns, demonstrate potential solutions and raise awareness about the importance of preserving collections.
  • Who's Driving the E-Resource Collection Bus? GPS for an Uncertain Future
    This program is designed to address future trends in the content and pricing of electronic products.

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