Memorial Resolution Honors Ann Sandberg-Fox

ann sandberg-fox

The ALCTS Board has passed the following memorial resolution honoring Ann Sandberg-Fox.

Whereas, Ann Sandberg-Fox, an esteemed cataloging theorist and practitioner, a librarian, lecturer and teacher, died August 21, 2003, at her home in Fairfax, Vermont; and

Whereas, Her outstanding contributions to the library profession included pioneering work in the area of the cataloging of electronic resources; and

Whereas, Her knowledge and understanding of electronic resources enabled her to provide essential leadership in the development of Chapter 9 of the Anglo-American Cataloging Rules, 2nd Revision; and,

Whereas, Her continuing advocacy of international standardization as a necessary ingredient of the global exchange of bibliographic data led to her appointment as principal editor of the International Standard Bibliographic Description for Electronic Resources; and

Whereas, During her twenty-year tenure on the staff of the Library of Congress (1971-1991), she played a pivotal role in the Special Materials Cataloging Division by becoming the only full-time monograph electronic resources cataloger, and thereby led the way as the nation's libraries began to integrate this essential material into their collections; and,

Whereas, Following her retirement from LC, she continued to play an essential role in the library profession as a trainer, consultant, conference planner, speaker, and advisor in her area of expertise; and,

Whereas, She advanced the profession's growing interest in non-print media by participating in the founding of the OnLine Audiovisual Catalogers and continued over the years to support their charter and goals; and,

Whereas, She served as longtime chair of the Association for Library Collections & Technical Services' (ALCTS) Networked Resources and Metadata Committee, carried out numerous other ALCTS committee assignments, worked with the Program for Cooperative Cataloging, and participated as a faculty member for the OCLC Knowledge Management Seminars; and,

Whereas, She wrote, edited and contributed to many of the materials and standards which support current cataloging practice; now, therefore, be it

Resolved, That the American Library Association, on behalf of its members, recognizes the remarkable achievements of Ann Sandberg-Fox, and gratefully acknowledges her many unique contributions to the profession of librarianship; and be it further

Resolved, That this Association expresses its sincere sympathy to the Fox family, including her husband, Robert Fox of Fairfax, Vermont, and her son, Thomas Fox of New York City.

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