ALCTS Special Fall 2003 Ballot Results

ALCTS would like to thank voters who voted on the recent special ballot to amend the ALCTS Bylaws. The Bylaws changes were approved by the ALCTS membership by an overwhelming margin: YES 461 and NO 18.

As indicated in the bylaws ballot announcement of September 19, 2003 and with the
subsequent approval of the bylaws changes (the voting period having ended November 25, 2003), those changes become effective with this notification.

The following is a brief summary of the changes.

Article VI. Nominations and Elections
Designated the immediate past-past-President as chair and added the chair of the Council of Regional Groups to the division nominating committee.

Article VII. Officers
The officers of the division are now the president, president-elect, and the past-president. The chair of Council of Regional Groups, the ALCTS Councilor, and the ALCTS Executive Director are no longer officers of ALCTS.

Article VIII. Board of Directors.
The Board of Directors now includes the chair of the Organization and Bylaws Committee.

The voting members of the Board now include the chairs of the three committees who are represented on the Board: Organization and Bylaws, Planning, and Budget and Finance. The only two remaining non-voting members of the Board are the ALCTS Newsletter Online editor and the Executive Director.

The Executive Committee is expanded by one new member, the Executive Director.

Article IX: Committees

Language specific to the Organization and Bylaws Committee was removed in favor of less restrictive language establishing standing committees.

Article XIV. Publications
In discussing the search for the new editor of LRTS and in anticipation of a new editor for the ALCTS Newsletter Online in 2005, the Board proposed less prescriptive language for the terms that these editors (and other publications editors) serve. The new language allows the Board to determine the length of term, and any renewal if applicable, as a matter of policy rather than being stated in the bylaws.

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