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San Diego, At Last!

miriam palm, alcts editor When I first saw the San Diego convention center fifteen or more years ago, I thought it would be a wonderful site for an ALA conference. I even picked up some literature about the site and passed it along to one of the then-staff members in the ALCTS office. In a few short weeks, I will get my wish, that ALA meet on the West coast in beautiful San Diego. I hope you will be as charmed by this location as many of us were the first Midwinter we met in San Antonio: the phrase "thought we'd died and gone to heaven" comes to mind.

This issue of the Newsletter contains many articles about our activities scheduled for Midwinter in a few short weeks - discussion group topics, pre-conference symposiums, our traditional reception, and the ALCTS meeting schedule -- and I hope they help you get the most out of the conference. The issue also has articles about several other upcoming meetings that will be of interest, along with several conservation announcements, more association operations information, the special fall election results, and a new Publications column. I encourage you to read it "cover to cover".

Happy holidays and safe travels to all our readers, and we'll see many of you in San Diego in four weeks!

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