NISO Publishes "Metadata Demystified" Guide for Publishers

The National Information Standards Organization (NISO) announces the joint publication with The Sheridan Press of Metadata Demystified: A Guide for Publishers. The guide presents an overview of evolving metadata conventions in publishing, as well as related initiatives designed to standardize how metadata is structured and disseminated online. Focusing on strategic rather than technical considerations, Metadata Demystified offers insight into how book and journal publishers can streamline metadata operations in their companies and leverage metadata for added exposure in digital media including the Web.

Authors Amy Brand, Frank Daly, and Barbara Meyers explain what metadata is and is not; why metadata is important to both publishers and readers; and discuss specific book and journal-oriented metadata practices such as ONIX, CrossRef, and the Open Archives Initiative. With metadata now an essential part of the publication process, Metadata Demystified can help both readers and publishers understand and harness the new opportunities metadata brings to information resources.

Amy Brand is Director of Business Development at CrossRef. She has previously held positions at Ingenta, LEA Inc., the University of Pennsylvania, and the MIT Press. Frank Daly, until recently, was Executive Director of the Book Industry Study Group and served for more than twenty years in a variety of roles, including Vice President of Business Development with Baker & Taylor, Inc. Barbara Meyers is President of Meyers Consulting Services, providing expert advice and experienced operational to professional societies, scholarly publishers, and their supplier communities. She currently serves on the Society for Scholarly Publishers (SSP) Board of Directors, an organization she helped to found.

The Metadata Demystified guide is available for free download from NISO or can be purchased in hard copy from NISO Press for $20.00 plus shipping and handling.

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