Mentoring Program to Recruit Catalogers Completes Successful Pilot Program

The CCS Committee on Education, Training and Recruitment for Cataloging (CETRC) completed a pilot study of a mentoring program during 2002. The goals of the program were to foster an exchange between practicing library professionals and library school graduate students, and to develop an interest in cataloging careers among students currently enrolled in library school programs. An assessment survey of mentors and mentees was conducted in the fall of 2002. Responses gathered in the survey indicated that 70% of the mentees and 77% of the mentors felt that the cataloging mentoring program had met their expectations. 100% of the mentees would encourage fellow students to participate in this program, and 90% answered that they had gained a better understanding of what it means to be a cataloger as a result of participating in the program.

CETRC's awareness of the continuing shortage of catalogers and the positive results of this survey has provided the impetus for continuing the mentoring program in a more formal and structured manner. Following the 2002 Annual Conference, a subcommittee was appointed to address the organization and maintenance of a full-fledged program. Here are the purpose and goals of the CETRC Mentoring Subcommittee:


To foster the recruitment of library school and information studies graduates to cataloging careers. The subcommittee will plan, coordinate and implement the Mentoring Program of ALCTS CCS CETRC on an on-going basis. Through this program the committee will disseminate information about technical services work, current practices and emerging trends with special emphasis on cataloging and metadata creation. By developing the knowledge of professional cataloging and stimulating the dialogue between cataloging practitioners and potential cataloging job applicants the committee will aim at enlarging the pool of candidates interested in a cataloging career among the next generation of library school graduates.


The CETRC Mentoring Program Subcommittee will:

  • Develop a timeline for the mentoring program;
  • Develop mechanisms for implementing the mentoring program on a regular basis;
  • Advertise the mentoring program;
  • Implement the mentoring program;
  • Develop a list of skills/knowledge/abilities for the mentors;
  • Identify pools of mentors and mentees;
  • Maintain lists of mentees and mentors, select, recruit and match them in pairs;
  • Communicate expectations from CETRC to mentees and mentors;
  • Serve as liaisons and resource people to the pairs of mentees and mentors;
  • Stimulate the dialogue between cataloging practitioners and potential applicants;
  • Develop, administer and compile the assessment questionnaires;
  • Update the Mentoring Program bibliography; and
  • Report to ALCTS CCS CETRC.

There will be an opportunity to learn more about CETRC's mentoring project at a two-hour program being planned for the 2004 Annual Conference in Orlando.

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