Guide to Out-of-Print Materials ALCTS Acquisitions Guides Series No. 12

By Narda Tafuri, Anna Seaberg, and Gary Handman

alcts acquisitions guide to out-of-print materials Not always being straightforward, the acquisition of out-of-print materials provides unique challenges to the acquisitions librarian. The techniques for locating and purchasing an item are specific to the type of item being acquired. As such, the system of resources available for the acquisition of out-of-print books is not the same as that available for out-of-print audiovisual materials or serials.

Guide to Out-of-Print Materials presents an overview of both traditional and online resources available to the acquisitions librarian locating and acquiring out-of-print material. Organized by type of material acquired, this guide includes valuable listings for books, serials, and audio-visual materials, a glossary of terms, and Web site listings for quick reference.

Created by leaders and experts, the ALCTS Acquisitions Guides series introduces, explains, and directs acquisitions librarians, information specialists, and staff through the essentials and necessary tools of acquisition.

Co-published with Scarecrow Press, Inc. (, this publication will be released at the 2004 ALA Midwinter Meeting in San Diego and available for purchase online on the Scarecrow Press Web site.

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