Survey on Roles of Acquisitions Librarians Now Available

During the summer of 2001, the ALCTS Acquisitions Section Acquisitions Organization and Management Committee (AOM) mounted an informal survey entitled "Roles of Acquisitions Librarians" on the ALCTS Web site. Participants learned about the survey through ACQNET, the ALCTS Newsletter Online, and announcements at meetings during the 2001 San Francisco Annual Conference. This survey was patterned after a similar survey conducted in 1994 by the AOM Committee and published in ALCTS Newsletter vol.6, no.6 (1995). As in 1994, the current committee wanted a snapshot of what Acquisitions staffs are doing today, for use as a tool in the development of future programming or publications sponsored by AOM. The design of the survey was similar to the earlier survey, and all of the data from the earlier survey was passed on to later committees, enabling interesting comparisons to be drawn between the two sets of results.

The survey reports on a variety of aspects of acquisitions librarians' jobs, such as changes in distribution of work, organizational structure of acquisitions units, and librarians' salaries. The survey analysis and response data were posted on the committee's page. For more information, please go to the ALCTS Web site, click on Acquisitions, and then the AOM Committee.

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