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We Missed (Some of) You in Toronto!!

miriam palm, alcts editor This issue contains reports from Annual conference in Toronto: groups that met, programs that were held, and awards that were bestowed. For those of you who chose not to come to Toronto, or were unable to attend, we missed you! I hope reading about what occurred will be rewarding for you and "catch you up" on what went on.

Please be sure to read President Brian Schottlaender's column in this issue, because it contains more information about Interest Groups and where we go from here. By now, the chairs of division topical committees have also received individual letters about the process for reconfiguring their groups, and other committees or discussion groups may wish to consider this alternative.

A number of our colleagues have just returned from a very "hot" IFLA meeting in Berlin, and the October Newsletter issue will cover their activities and experiences with the European heat wave.

Please continue to send me other news you'd like covered in the Newsletter; now that we are on a bi-monthly schedule, there is both room and opportunity to publicize other activities you may be engaged in.

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