Memorial Resolution Honors Seymour Lubetzky

The ALCTS Board recently passed the following memorial resolution honoring Seymour Lubetzky, who died in April 2003.

Whereas, Seymour Lubetzky, an esteemed cataloging theorist, librarian, and teacher, died at the age of 104 on April 5, 2003, in Los Angeles; and

Whereas, His outstanding contributions to the profession include his philosophical and methodological thinking and writings about cataloging issues; and

Whereas, His Cataloging Rules and Principles (1953), one of the most influential works in library and information science, was the foundation of the Statement of Principles adopted at the 1961 International Conference on Cataloguing Principles held in Paris; and

Whereas, These same principles formed the basis for the Anglo-American Cataloging Rules and continue to influence code design internationally; and

Whereas, During his seventeen-year tenure on the staff of the Library of Congress (1943-1960), he developed the theoretical underpinning upon which all subsequent descriptive cataloging policy at the Library of Congress is based; and

Whereas, He was an admired and beloved professor at the School of Library Service at the University of California, Los Angeles from 1960-69; and

Whereas, He was the 1955 recipient of the Margaret Mann Citation, the highest honor in cataloging bestowed by the American Library Association, "for his scholarly analyses and critiques * which stimulated and influenced profoundly the revision of cataloging rules and lead * the library profession to a clear statement of principles * as the basis for future cataloging policy"; and

Whereas, He was a 2002 recipient of Honorary Membership, ALA's highest honor that recognizes outstanding contributions of lasting importance to libraries and librarianship; now therefore be it

Resolved, That the American Library Association on behalf of its members, recognizes Seymour Lubetzky's remarkable achievements; and, be it further

Resolved, That this Association expresses its sincere sympathy to the Lubetzky family, including his two sons, David Lubetzky of Washington, D.C, and Richard Lubetzky of Los Angeles and his grandson, Darren Lubetzky, of Washington, DC.

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