ALCTS Slates Workshop on Management Techniques for Chicago

ALCTS has announced a new continuing education event, to be held in Chicago in late August, to provide library managers with the skills and tools required for a successful transition from being a library technical expert to a manager of people and processes. Titled The Supervisor's Academy: Essentials of Supervision for the Professional Librarian, the workshop will explore modern management techniques ranging from communication to understanding organizational culture, to ease the transition from being a professional to becoming a manager of professionals. This event will be participatory with discussion, role-playing, exercises, and videos.

All librarians learn the skills needed to function technically as a librarian in library school and especially through on the job training. But a different skill set is required to go from being a professional librarian to a manager of professionals, and that is usually not taught in library school or on the job.

It is not easy being the boss-one day you're a professional librarian and the next day you are promoted to manager and your world changes. If not handled correctly, new supervisors can make mistakes that may make their new job a living hell, ruin relationships with former colleagues, and disrupt the organization. Mistakes such as over managing, becoming a workaholic, or believing that you are irreplaceable and that the entire work world revolves around you, can lead to disaster for any manager and for his or her organization.

Great managers may be born but the overwhelming majorities are made into leaders through training and positive work experiences. Managers need to understand the people they supervise and treat them as their most important customers, building relationships that are beneficial to both the manager and the employee. Managers must help all workers to succeed and that the best way to accomplish this is through positive communication and employee empowerment.

Our leader for this workshop will be William Sannwald. Mr. Sannwald is an assistant to the City Manager of San Diego CA, and Manager of Library Design and Development. He was City Librarian of the San Diego Public Library from 1979 to 1997. Mr. Sannwald has represented the City Manager on the City Retirement Board and in labor negotiations. He has worked in public libraries in Illinois, Minnesota, Michigan, and California, and also worked in a number of marketing positions for the Xerox Corporation's University Microfilms in Ann Arbor and the Chicago Sun Times.

A past president of LAMA, Mr. Sannwald teaches a variety of courses in the marketing and management departments at San Diego State University, and was selected by the Associated Business Students as the outstanding marketing Professor. He also has received an award from the President of SDSU as the Outstanding Professor in the Business School.

We hope you will join us in Chicago for this exciting and valuable workshop! If you have further questions, please contact Julie Reese in the ALCTS Office, or (800) 545-2433 ext.5034.

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