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An International Travel Opportunity Awaits

miriam palm, alcts editor Only a few days until many of us will gather in Toronto for what promises to be a most rewarding international conference. ALCTS has many fine programs scheduled, and I will report on as many of them as possible in the August Newsletter. However, I have not been besieged with offers to summarize them, so if you attend a program, take good notes and send me a 300 word summary no later than (and preferably well before) August 1. I'd appreciate an E-mail message in advance about any summaries you plan to write.

I hope our readers have noticed that the association's executive director, Charles Wilt, is now writing a column for each issue. I encourage you to read and absorb what Charles has to say; I am learning things I didn't know about ALCTS before, and I have been an active member for 25 years. Gee, that's a quarter of a century; afraid I am showing my age!

Please also enjoy in this issue a summary of ALCTS activities regarding the Library of Congress Action Plan; discussion group topics for meetings in Toronto; a reminder about the ALCTS President's Program on generational issues; and an announcement of a new management workshop scheduled for this August in Chicago.

See you north of the border!

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