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Philadelphia and the Immediate Future

miriam palm, alcts editor Once again, we have concluded a successful midwinter conference, held in a very chilly Philadelphia. This first issue of the Newsletter's new volume usually contains detailed post-conference coverage, but our new bi-monthly frequency gives me the opportunity to present some conference topics in summary, along with critical election information we want our members to have before they receive their ballots in March. I have received a substantial number of post-conference reports from committees, discussion groups, and liaisons, and every one of them will be included in the April issue.

This issue contains summary articles from the chairs of Membership and Publications about activities their groups are engaged in. The chair of Planning has provided me with an update on both the Strategic and Tactical plans and the database in which all the pieces of the plans are now resident. There also is a summary of board actions at Midwinter, a commentary from an MLS student who "interned" at conference, and a description of our first highly successful Midwinter Symposium.

I enjoy soliciting articles, as well as receiving others spontaneously without my asking. As we embark on more frequent publication schedule, I encourage all of you to Think Newsletter when you have ALCTS information to share! Our goal is for this publication to become The Voice of ALCTS in every possible way, but I need your help, as members, in achieving this. The refined scope and charge is posted in this issue, as it is in all issues, and I encourage you to review it, as it may spark some ideas about articles you'd like to see, or prepare, for upcoming issues. We have made the submission deadlines very easy to remember: the first day of even numbered months, that is, February, April, June, August, October and December. I look forward to hearing from many of you with your ideas!

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