ALCTS Membership Committee Reports on Outreach Efforts

Manuel Urrizola, Chair, Membership Committee

The ALCTS Membership Committee is busy working on its goal of targeting non-traditional groups as potential ALCTS members and developing written publicity for these groups. These initiatives are a response to the ALCTS Strategic and Tactical Plan. At the recent Midwinter meeting, committee members reported on our targeted populations of archivists, library school students, corporate librarians, medical librarians, museum librarians, and law librarians. We are working on fliers to attract archivists and law librarians to ALCTS.

Gene Kinnaly, representative of the Library Support Staff Interests Round Table, spoke to us about the Support Staff Membership Initiative, which allows library support staff to join ALA, ALCTS or RUSA, and LSSIRT at a reduced rate. Gene was very appreciative of ALCTS participation in this initiative. ALCTS has targeted many states and the results have been spectacular: over 230 new support staff have joined ALA as part of this effort, and well over half of them have chosen to join ALCTS! We are presently halfway through this three-year initiative. LSSIRT proposes continuing the reduced fees, and the Membership Committee unanimously passed a motion recommending that the reduced fees be continued or made permanent at the end of the pilot initiative. The Membership Committee will be extending an invitation to students at library schools in Canada and the northeast United States to attend our annual meeting in Toronto, where we will answer their questions about ALA, ALCTS, and librarianship in general. Kirsten Ahlen, ALCTS staff liaison to the committee, will send the schools a list of programs and discussion groups that might be of interest to their students.

In Atlanta, we experimented by having the ALCTS booth in the exhibition hall, which resulted in lots of traffic and several new memberships. This year at Toronto we will once again have the ALCTS booth in the exhibition hall, combining our booth with LAMA. This is a great opportunity to meet ALCTS colleagues and talk to prospective new division members, and we encourage ALCTS members to sign up for time slots on the booth. Watch for an announcement about this opportunity in the April Newsletter issue.

We wish to remind all ALCTS program and discussion group leaders to announce ALCTS sponsorship of their meetings and to make available membership forms and other ALCTS literature in the room where programs and meetings are held. Our members and the programs they organize are the best advertising we possibly can have!

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