Nominees for ALCTS Division and Section Officers, 2003

Following is the slate of candidates for ALCTS division and section offices for the 2003 elections.



Carol Pitts Diedrichs (Ohio State University)
Helen Reed (University of Northern Colorado)

Director-at-Large (three-year term)

Marsha Clark (City University of New York)
John Duke (Virginia Commonwealth University)
Suzanne Freeman (Virginia Commonwealth University)

Council of Regional Groups


Cynthia Clark (New York Public Library)
Elaine Yontz (Valdosta State University)


Dominique Coulombe (Brown University)
Susan Mueller (University of Montana)

Acquisitions Section


David Goldsmith (North Carolina State University)
Lisa German (University of Illinois–Urbana)

Member-at-Large (three-year term)

Lynda Fuller Clendenning (University of Virginia)
Karl Debus-Lopez (University of Wisconsin–Madison)
Kay Granskog (Michigan State University)
Scott Wicks (Cornell University)

Catalog and Classification Section


Sara Shatford Layne (University of California–Los Angeles)
Lori Robare (University of Oregon)

Member-at-Large (three-year term)

Daniel Kinney (State University of New York)
Melinda Reagor-Flannery (Rice University)
Mary Charles Lasater (Vanderbilt University)
Beth Picknally Camden (University of Virginia)

Collection Management and Development Section


Bonnie Cox (University of Kentucky)
Mary Munroe (Northern Illinois University)

Member-at-Large (three-year term) (elect 2)

Stephen Atkins (Texas A & M University)
Cecile Jagodzinski (Indiana University)
Cheryl Kern-Simirenko (Purdue University)

Preservation and Reformatting Section


Yvonne Carignan (University of Maryland)
Brian Baird (University of Kansas)

Member-at-Large (three-year term)

Joan Gatewood (University of Michigan)
Shelby Sanett (Amigos Library Services)

Serials Section


Lauren Corbett (Emory University)
Michael Elmore (Barnard College Library)

Member-at-Large (three-year term)

Helen Gbala (Ex Libris USA, Inc.)
Sharon Sullivan (H. W. Wilson Company)

Secretary (three-year term)

Margaret (Meg) Mering (University of Nebraska–Lincoln)
Write-In Candidate

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