ALCTS Plans Symposium on Electronic Resources during 2003 Midwinter Meeting

ALCTS is experimenting with Midwinter Meeting programming during the upcoming conference in Philadelphia with an all-day symposium on Friday, January 24, 2003. Titled “Managing Electronic Resources: Meeting the Challenge,” this event will offer practical information and alternatives for dealing with these valuable and extremely expensive resources many libraries now own. Acquiring electronic resources can be a mixed blessing. With the click of a mouse, a wealth of information is accessible, yet managing this abundance of riches can be overwhelming and confusing. Librarians in all types and sizes of libraries will find this symposium informative and worthwhile.

Speakers and topics slated will include:

  • Cooperative strategies for meeting the challenge (Daniel Greenstein, California Digital Library)
  • Managing electronic resources in today’s ILMS environment (Beth Warner, University of Kansas)
  • There has to be an easier way: Stand-alone e-journal management services (October Ivins, consultant)
  • Can we develop standards for e-resource management systems while we’re busy building them? (Tim Jewell, University of Washington)
  • Aggravation, agitation, and aggregation: The three As of e-resources management (Dan Tonkery, EBSCO Subscription Services)
  • Resource linking (Jim Mouw, University of Chicago)
  • Traces in the click-stream: Coping with the imperfections of measuring electronic use (Joseph Zucca, University of Pennsylvania)
  • An uneasy balance: Walking the tightrope of change while managing the e-resource chaos below (Tricia Davis, Ohio State University)

Further details and registration information about this excellent symposium, sponsored by the Serials Section, is available at The event is supported by Swets Blackwell. A summary of the program will appear in a future issue of ALCTS Newsletter Online.

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