Plan Ahead for ALCTS Preconferences, Summer 2003, in Toronto

ALCTS is offering four preconferences prior to 2003 Annual Conference in Toronto. As further information becomes available, check the ALCTS Web site for more details and registration information.

Business of Acquisitions: Working Together to Get It Done: Acquisitions Librarians As Collaborators

Description: In the twenty-first century, acquisitions librarians are collaborators, not just accommodators. This preconference will explore our new roles and responsibilities in the Digital Age.

Objectives: Understand the collaborative roles played by acquisitions librarians; have a set of “tools for collaborators”; have a better grasp of evolving issues facing acquisitions librarians.

Speakers: 3

Contact: Richard Jasper,

Dewey Decimal Classification, Edition 22

Description: Introduction to Dewey Decimal Classification, Edition 22; overview of selected areas; breakout sessions giving users in-depth training (modeled on the 1996 preconference introducing Dewey Edition 21).

Objectives: Learn how to use Dewey Classification System 22d Edition; learn several different strategies for changing from Dewey 21 to Dewey 22; learn the process of how Dewey numbers are changed.

Speakers: 7

Contact: David Miller, and Jessica MacPhail,

Knowledge without Boundaries: Libraries in Collaboration

Description: Libraries have expanded their role as knowledge managers beyond the boundaries of the library. They have entered into collaborative projects with other information-bearing institutions to create new forms of access to a variety of materials. Librarians need to be aware of metadata standards that are being integrated into library portals, which will precipitate cataloging rule revisions. This program will present current projects that affect library methods of providing access to information and will present changes and trends in cataloging.

Objectives: Participants will know more about choices of metadata standards and their integration with traditional library cataloging; participants will have a better understanding of current changes in cataloging; participants will know more about specialized projects being conducted.

Speakers: 8

Contact: Sally Tseng,

Serials Cataloging Cooperative Cataloging Program Workshops for Electronic Catalogers: SCCTP Electronic Serials Cataloging Workshop/SCCTP Integrating Resources Cataloging Workshop

Description: These workshops will provide expert training in a small group environment on the cataloging of continuing resources in electronic format based on CONSER/PCC standards. Four individual workshops will be offered simultaneously, and participants may choose from either the Electronic Serials or the Integrating Resources workshops. Multiple sessions will be held of each, as determined by course registration. The sessions will be taught by SCCTP trainers (two from Canada, two from the United States) and will include the full content of the SCCTP workshops. Two of the trainers are also the course developers. The Electronic Serials Workshop, released April 2002, has proven to be very popular; the Integrating Resources Workshop will be brand new! Electronic Resources focuses on online serials and aggregations, while the Integrating Resources will focus on the cataloging of updated Web sites and databases. This preconference will offer a partnering opportunity for both ALCTS and CONSER.

Speakers: Steve Shadle (University of Washington), Steve Miller (University of Wisconsin), Elena Romaniuk (University of Victoria), and Trina Grover (Ryerson University).

Contact: Julie Gammon,; and Jean Hirons,

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