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Another Midwinter Meeting Is Approaching . . .

miriam palm, alcts editor Midwinter Meeting in Philadelphia is nearly upon us; how does the time pass so quickly between conferences? The Friday before Midwinter Meeting begins, ALCTS is staging a full-day symposium on electronic resources that promises to be both interesting and informative. The board is having a special workshop to consider the future of the association, apart from its traditional meetings. There are a number of articles in this issue covering publications and activities of our association, and I am pleased to be able to present a full spectrum of reports on the 2002 IFLA conference held in Glasgow, Scotland, this past August.

In the new year, the newsletter will appear more frequently; we are still working out the exact publication schedule, but you should see an issue before March 2003, reporting on Midwinter Meeting activities and other news. Please turn in your post-meeting reports promptly so that they can be included and the entire membership can read about the work of as many groups as possible! The reports are easy to file electronically: just access the correct form (one for committees and a second for discussion groups), fill it out and “save” it as a document, and send copies by e-mail to the newsletter editor and the ALCTS office.

It’s not too late to volunteer for a committee assignment; the volunteer formis also online. There will be two closed appointment sessions at Midwinter Meeting to expedite this process.

I look forward to seeing many of you at our traditional reception on Saturday evening from 6 to 8 P.M. at the Wyndham Franklin Plaza!

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