ALCTS Announces Two New Publications with Scarecrow Press

In the fall of 2001, ALCTS established a relationship with Scarecrow Press ( for division publications inappropriate for ALA Editions. (In accordance with ALA policy, where ALCTS does not self-publish, ALCTS must offer first right of refusal to ALA Editions on all ALCTS publications. When ALA Editions rejects a manuscript, ALCTS may pursue other publishing opportunities.) Since the inception of this relationship, ALCTS has published six monographs through Scarecrow Press.

At Annual Conference 2002 in Atlanta, ALCTS and Scarecrow Press announced two new releases:

Marketing to Libraries for the New Millennium: Librarians, Vendors, and Publishers Review the Landmark Third Industry-Wide Survey of the Library Marketing Practices and Trends, by Robert P. Holley and Hendrik Edelman ($37.95, ISBN: 0-8108-4271-8).

Based on the all-day program “Marketing to Libraries for the Millennium,” sponsored by the AAP/ALCTS Joint Committee, leading figures identify and respond to the challenges of maintaining a foot in both print and electronic worlds. Discussion topics include buying consortia; mergers and acquisitions; discussion lists versus traditional review media; on-demand print services; advances in approval plans, blanket orders, and leasing plans; the development of collaborative services; and the omnipresent importance of price. Also included are the questionnaire and results of the 1999 “Third Industry-Wide Survey of Library Marketing Practices and Trends.”

Guide to Review of Library Collections: Preservation, Storage, and Withdrawal, 2d ed., by Douglas Litts, Dennis Lambert, Winston Atkins, and Lorraine Olley. Collection Management and Development Guide, no. 12 ($19.95, ISBN: 0-8108-4510-5).

All libraries face the ubiquitous problems of obsolete materials, limited budgets, changing user populations and needs, and new institutional programs. This guide clearly addresses these key problems while also being exceptionally relevant to libraries facing the perennial issues of rapid collection growth, limited space to house collections, and deterioration of collections.

Structured in outline form, this updated guide provides an introduction to the topic; a review of planning considerations; a complete overview of reviews for preservation, storage, or withdrawal; and an accompanying glossary of more than fifty relevant terms and an extensive bibliography that includes many online resources. This new edition updates the process most notably with the inclusion of electronic resources in libraries.

Reviews that have set goals, identified appropriate participants, identified expected outcomes, and budgeted for expenses are more likely to be successful and productive. Based on the value of systematic planning in conducting reviews of materials, this guide is crucial to your library’s review planning process.

These publications, as well as other ALCTS titles, are available through Scarecrow Press. A complete listing of ALCTS publications is available on our Web site.

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