ALCTS Newsletter Online and AN2, ALCTS Network News listproc, to Merge

During its meetings in Atlanta the ALCTS board of directors approved recommendations from the Publications Committee that will result in publication changes for both ALCTS Newsletter Online and AN2 (ALCTS Network News listproc).

  1. AN2 will cease by the end of calendar year 2002.
  2. AN2 subscribers will be offered the option of receiving e-mail alerts when the new ALCTS Newsletter Online issues become available.
  3. All ALCTS members will receive e-mail alerts when new ALCTS Newsletter Online issues become available, but will have an opt-out choice not to receive the alerts.
  4. ALCTS Newsletter Online’s frequency will be increased to six times per year beginning in 2003.

These actions are the result of discussions that took place this past spring at the executive committee meeting.

The ALCTS Newsletter Online is currently in its thirteenth year. The newsletter has been published in an online-only version since volume 10, 1999. During its history the frequency has varied from four to eight issues per year; currently it is produced quarterly. Its predecessor, the RTSD Newsletter, was published in print (vol. 1–14, no. 6; Jan. 1976–1989), also with varying frequencies.

The ALCTS office started producing ALCTS Network News (AN2), an e-mail communication for leaders and anyone else wishing to subscribe, in May 1991. AN2 publishes announcements and other time-valued information the newsletter is unable to accommodate. It has had as many as forty issues in the course of a year and is considered a supplement to the Newsletter. Volume 23 began in February 2002. Its past issues are archived on the ALCTS Web site, as are the online issues of the ALCTS Newsletter Online.

We hope these changes will result in more up-to-the-minute news, more frequently prepared, for all our members. Our goal for the newsletter is to be the true “Voice of ALCTS.”

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