Proposals for Use of ALCTS “New Initiatives” Funds Solicited

Each year, ALCTS sets aside “new initiatives” funds in the current year’s budget. The guidelines for use of this money state:

Approval may be granted for the expenditure of “new initiatives” funds by the ALCTS board or ALCTS executive committee when the following conditions are met:

  • the activity relates to ALCTS goals;
  • such activity is new or significantly different from currently budgeted ALCTS activities;
  • money has not been budgeted by ALCTS for this activity;
  • funds for the activity must be expended outside of the regular ALCTS budget planning cycle; and
  • there is expectation that such expenditures will result in a new and continuing service, product or program, or other benefits to the division.

Such funds may be used for, but are not limited to, the following kinds of activities:

  • planning expenses for fast-track continuing education programs on subjects of timely interest;
  • one-time allocations for unbudgeted travel of ALCTS representatives to meetings of significance to or having impact on divisional goals; and
  • unanticipated one-time expenditures required to start electronic publications or services.

In the FY 2003 budget, $4,000 has been set aside for projects that meet these guidelines. If you or your committee or section has such a proposal, please send a brief description and proposed budget by October 1, 2002, to Judith Niles, Budget and Finance Committee chair, for consideration at the 2003 Midwinter Meeting.

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