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A Change Is in the Air . . .

miriam palm, alcts editor I have now completed two full years as editor of ALCTS Newsletter Online (ANO) and took the opportunity this past spring to make recommendations about improvements to make a good publication even better. As ALCTS completes its first year of having a dedicated, full-time staff in the office, we are discussing a number of changes to make the newsletter “the Voice of ALCTS.” Our plan to pick up the pace and produce the newsletter more frequently in 2003 is one step in this direction.

But to accomplish this, I need your assistance! I welcome articles or suggestions about news to cover, and I could use more than I receive at present. In a committee report included in this issue, one of our sections discussed starting its own newsletter, and this makes it clear that I am not meeting all the needs that are out there. You, the members of ALCTS, can help me do a better job! Please send me articles, or suggest topics, about our organization’s activities and the people who make them happen. Information about the scope of ANO and its submission guidelines are posted as part of each issue; just click on “masthead” and follow the links.

We now have a brand new slate of leaders, whose names and contact information will be posted to our Web site shortly. I am looking forward to meeting and working with them and to continuing my positive relationships with the staff in the office.

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