Submission Schedule and Editorial Policy

2001 Issue Submission Deadlines

volume 13, number 3: July 5, 2002
volume 13, number 4: October 21, 2002

ALCTS Newsletter Editorial Policy

The ALCTS Newsletter Online is a publication of the Association for Library Collections & Technical Services (ALCTS), a division of the American Library Association (ALA).


The primary purpose of the ALCTS Newsletter Online is to report the news and activities of ALCTS.


The ALCTS Newsletter Online is issued in four numbers per volume.


The primary focus of the ALCTS Newsletter Online is ALCTS news and reports. A secondary focus is reporting activities of interest to the membership relating to practice and developments in the fields of library collections and technical services.


The editor will coordinate with the ALCTS board of directors and the ALCTS Publications Committee regarding the general contents of each volume. The editor will coordinate with the ALCTS office staff (executive director and others) regarding the latest ALCTS priorities and the question of overlap/duplication with other ALCTS publications and activities, particularly the ALCTS Network News (AN2).

The primary contents of each ALCTS Newsletter Online will relate to activities of ALCTS, for example, committee meetings, program announcements, and summary reports. The editor will attempt to keep reports concise yet complete so that all members can follow the activities of ALCTS. The editor also will strive for complete coverage of the full scope of ALCTS activities and interests.

Personnel news and general ALA news will be kept to a minimum. Announcements and reports of non-ALCTS events will be included on a space-available basis. Notices of new publications will be carried, but generally book reviews will not be published in the ALCTS Newsletter Online.

—Adopted by the ALCTS board of directors, February 7, 1994

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