Orientation for New Section and Committee Chairs and Officers Scheduled

The ALCTS office staff and a selection of current leaders will present a ninety-minute orientation session for members who are becoming section chairs, committee chairs, and officers in the association at the conclusion of the 2002 Annual Conference. If you are assuming such a role, it is most important for you to attend this session, even if you have been active in ALCTS in the past.

This excellent presentation will alert you to many things you need to know before you become a leader in ALCTS. Your effectiveness during your years of service will be increased by this session; it is critical to your success. In addition it is an opportunity to meet your current leaders and the office staff. While there always are competing programs and meetings at conference, this is a “must-attend” meeting for new leaders and part of their responsibilities. PLEASE PLAN TO ATTEND THIS SESSION on Sunday, June 16, 8:30–9:30 A.M. at the HILTON-Salon C.

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