ALCTS Office Shares Its Sense of Humor with Members

Our hardworking staff at ALA Headquarters in Chicago makes a serious effort to send the board and other leaders frequent reports and updates. I thought the members would enjoy this “special” update we received April 1, 2002 from Executive Director Charles Wilt.—Editor

Good morning; thought I would send you an earlier than usual “monthly update.”

The Library of Congress recently announced that they will begin printing all electronic resources and placing them in loose-leaf binders. They have contracted with the Defense Department to use one of the vacated military bases as a storage unit. Additional staff will be hired to keep the binders up to date.

In an unprecedented move, the Association for Life Consciousness and Transcendental Scholars (ALCTS) has brought suit against ALCTS stating that its members often confuse the logos and acronym. According to spokesperson, Ralph Waldo Thoreau, “ALCTS members often get e-mails and phone calls about such things as preserving old photographs and something called metadata, so a change must be made.” ALCTS says the matter is under consideration at this time.

In another move, the Organization and Bylaws Committee has recommended that ALCTS shorten its name to “Assoc. Tech. Serv. (ATS).” This is in consideration of staff who can’t fit the current name into registration forms and name tags. O&B has suggested a new tag line also: “ATS, it’s where it’s ATS.”

Due to the enormous consolidation of library vendors and budget cuts, the Acquisitions Section has decided to call it quits. According to a spokesperson for the section, “We have had it. We can’t take it anymore.”

Don Chatham, Director of ALA Publications, announced that a pocket version of the new AACR2 will be available for Annual Conference. Chatham notes that the new version will easily fit into a coat pocket or purse, allowing those who use it to carry it wherever they go. A “pda” version is under development.

In a recent Gallup poll on an issue very much of interest to ALCTS, metadata, it is clear that there is much work to do: less than 1 percent of respondents said they understood what metadata was, 4 percent said they actually used it, 10 percent said they had heard of it, and an overwhelming 85 percent had no idea what they were being asked about.

ALA recently announced that a new public relations campaign will be launched for the new 501(C)6 organization recently approved by ALA Council. The campaign, called “IN YOUR FACE,” will be aimed at improving the image of librarians across the country. Dennis Rodman, former NBA star, has been hired as the campaign consultant. The launch date will coincide with the new baseball contract negotiation meetings.

ALCTS President, Bill Robnett, announced that the ALCTS executive committee meeting scheduled for this spring will be held in Cancun, Mexico. President Robnett indicated that the reasons were two-fold. “ALCTS needs to do more to support the ailing airline and travel industry that has been reeling from the recent events. In addition it is important that ALCTS support the new Bush Administration initiatives to improve relations with Mexico.” Travel industry spokesperson, Peggy Reed, stated that they were grateful for the effort ALCTS was making on their behalf.

In an effort to expand the fundraising initiatives of ALCTS, the board recently approved a plan to allocate $10 to each ALCTS leader to buy lottery tickets in his or her home state. Proceeds from the winning numbers will be split 50–50, ALCTS and the particular leader each benefiting from the gain.

In a surprise move, ALCTS President-Elect Olivia Madison named the armadillo as the new ALCTS mascot. In her statement, Madison noted that the armadillo was a tough little animal and pairing it with ALCTS had a certain “ring” about it: the “ALCTS Armadillo.” She cited the LAMA’s llama as precedent for this historic announcement. After all, Madison stated, “Specialties which ALCTS represents are often thought of as ‘road kill’ in the library world anyway.”

That’s it. Have a good day!


P.S.: Have a wonderful April Fool’s Day . . .

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