CAROL Clearinghouse Announced

Collections and Acquisitions Research Online (CAROL) is an information clearinghouse for library research. It is a Web-based database that researchers in any area of library collections or acquisitions can log a description of their research and locate other researchers active in areas of interest to them. The purpose of CAROL is to encourage research by providing a central source of information about ongoing work.

CAROL features an attractive and intuitive interface design. It takes only minutes to include a project on the database. Researchers who are not already in CAROL create a researcher record in which they record their name and the names of any coresearchers, their institution, e-mail address, fax, and phone number. Then, for each project that they want to list, they create a project record in which they provide the title of the project, a brief description, publication plans, if any, and a tentative timetable. As a project develops, the researchers can access their original record in CAROL and update the project status. Users may also query CAROL and in a matter of seconds retrieve a list of research projects of interest.

The idea for CAROL arose from ALA committee work among members of the Collection Management and Development Section (CMDS) of ALCTS. Cornell University’s Christian Boissonnas, the founder of ACQNET, and his daughter Stephanie provided programming and design for the CAROL database. We encourage all librarians and students conducting systematic research in any area of collections or acquisitions—whether intended for publication, a conference, or use within a library operation—to log their research on CAROL. We also encourage everyone interested in library collections and acquisitions to make regular use of CAROL.

Please contact Christian Boissonnas about CAROL technical matters or Bob Nardini about content of the database. All comments and suggestions are welcome.

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