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Onward to Atlanta

miriam palm, alcts editor Once again, another summer conference is upon us, at which we will be pursuing the work of our committees as well as attending many useful and worthwhile programs. To share the information offered at the latter, please see my request in this issue for volunteers to write up each program and preconference. These summaries will be available in the upcoming newsletter for this fall.

With this issue, I want to welcome our new Publications column editor, Douglas Raber. Doug is taking the place of our longtime contributor, Margaret Rohdy, who is getting a well-deserved rest from this responsibility. Many thanks, Margaret, and welcome, Doug!

After this conference, the new officers and section chairs begin their terms; see the related article in this issue announcing the results of the spring election. I want to call to the attention of these folks, and to anyone newly appointed to a committee, that the ALCTS office and current division leaders offer an invaluable session during Annual Conference, which provides you with the basic information you need to function effectively within ALCTS. This is a chance to meet the people you will be working with and to learn the basics of operating within ALCTS and ALA. Do not miss this opportunity!! It is more important than any other meeting scheduled on Sunday morning! Be there to take full advantage of this session!! Orientation for New Chairs and Officers: Sunday, June 16, 8:30–9:30 A.M., HIL-Salon C.

I look forward to seeing all of you in Atlanta.

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