Key Actions from 2002 ALCTS Midwinter Board Meetings

Following are the key actions, in summary form, taken by the ALCTS board of directors during the 2002 ALA Midwinter Meeting in New Orleans. Routine actions, such as adopting agendas and approving minutes, are not included.
  • Accepted the slate of nominees submitted for the 2002 election
  • Accepted the nominations of the award committees
  • Supported the slate of nominees to IFLA committees put forward by the International Relations Committee (IRC)
  • Accepted a proposal by IRC to fund the ALCTS representatives’ travel to IFLA 2002 at $350 each, keeping $1,000 in reserve for funding for other travel requests
  • Accepted a proposal from IRC that “ALCTS International Relations Committee cosponsor, in name only, the program on ‘Serving Newcomers’ at the Annual Conference in Toronto in 2003”
  • Voted to oppose passage of ALA council document 37, Resolution on Collection Development and Library Programming in Times of Conflict
  • Accepted the Program Committee recommendations for an additional program for 2002 Annual Conference and four preconferences for 2003 Annual Conference
  • Accepted the recommendation of the ALCTS Legislation Committee that the committee be kept apprised of the formation of any task force or other group by CCS to study Senate Bill S803, and that the committee have representation on any such task force
  • Voted against approval of an expenditure of $1,000 to pay for a consultant to facilitate the CMDS visioning session. This matter was referred to the Planning Committee for follow-up, provided that the ALCTS Planning Committee has reviewed the session proposal and agrees that it is a legitimate part of the ALCTS Strategic and Tactical Planning Process
  • Approved expenditures of $4,863 to support the technical conversion of the North American Title Count (NATC) to a Web version
  • Approved the preliminary FY 2003 Budget
  • Approved an expenditure of $500 to support ALA’s efforts to increase federal funding of the Library Services and Technology Act
  • Approved a change to the ALCTS bylaws as follows and directed that these changes be added to the 2002 ballot for member vote:
    That the bylaws be amended to add language to Article VI. Section 2, item C. stating: “In the event that the Nominating Committee is unable to submit a full slate, the Board shall be apprised prior to the Midwinter Meeting.”
  • Approved a change to the ALCTS Policy Manual revising the duties of the Nominating Committee, instructing the Nominating Committee to submit a slate of candidates to the board for their acceptance at the Midwinter Meeting:
    At each Midwinter Meeting, the Nominating Committee shall submit a full slate of candidates to the Board of Directors for their acceptance.
  • Adopted the recommended revision to the charge of the Policy and Research Committee of the Cataloging and Classification Section as per board document 02.33
  • Agreed to change the schedule of board meetings, beginning with 2002 Annual Conference to Saturday, 2–5:30 P.M., Monday, 2–5:30 P.M., and Tuesday, 12–2 P.M.

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