Annual Report 2001–2002

Bill Robnett, ALCTS President

Board Actions

Annual 2001 in San Francisco

The revised ALA Preservation Policy was adopted and forwarded to ALA Council for approval.

The ALCTS Board approved congratulatory motion for the CIP Program.

An ALCTS Level Task Force be created to review the LC action plan for "The Bibliographic Control of Web Resources" (documented from May 2001) and identify where ALCTS may collaborate with LC on the objective listed in the Plan. The Task Force will be reviewed in 3 years to determine whether it should continue.

  • Task Force to be appointed by ALCTS President.
  • Task Force to report to Board for 4 years.
  • Task Force to consist of chair, 4 members, 1 liaison to LC (appointed by LC).
  • ALCTS Executive Committee to charge units within ALCTS that will work with LC on specific issues.

The ALCTS Board of Directors adopted the resolution to support continued funding for SCMRE and forward the resolution to ALA Council for their consideration.

On behalf of the ALCTS Budget and Finance Committee, the ALCTS Board of Directors approved and adopted the draft (5-30-01) Association for Library Collections and Technical Services Financial Plan: 2002-2005 as its current financial plan to be used in context with the association's strategic and tactical plans. Furthermore, the ALCTS Budget and Finance Committee would be responsible for annual reporting (at the annual conference) to the board on progress towards meeting the plan's goals and strategies and relationships to ALA Budget Planning.

ALCTS Program moves that ALCTS approve the following programs for Summer 2002:

  • Measuring New Measures.
  • Price Indexes: Useful or Useless.
  • Exploring the Role of TS in Library Digital Inititatives.
  • Negotiating Services.
  • Fish, Fungus and Photos.
  • The Final Frontier.
  • No More Business as Usual.
  • ALCTS President's Program.
  • Introduction to Revised AACR Chapter
  • Dirty Books.
  • ALCTS Preconference: Hell and High Water. Also Map Cataloging

CCS appoint a task force to study Senate Bill 803 and make recommendations to ALCTS Executive Committee, with haste, working with partners identified by the Board and with the ALA Washington office. Recommendations would include a potential list of witnesses as well as changes to the text.

The ALCTS Board of Directors endorse the request for and underwrite the cost of, a two-hour Joint Meeting during ALA Midwinter 2002 of the Planning Committee, select Division-Level Committee Chairs [Budget and Finance, Catalog Form and Function, Commercial Technical Services, Education, Electronic Communications, Fundraising, International Relations, Leadership Development, Legislation, Media Resources, Membership, Networked Resources and Metadata, Organization and Bylaws, Program, Publications, Publisher-Vendor Library Relations, Committee on Research and Statistics], the three ALCTS Presidents and the ALCTS Executive Director to review tactical planning and the tactical plan.

The ALCTS Board of Directors direct Section Executive Committees and select Division-level Committees [Budget and Finance, Catalog Form and Function, Commerical Technical Services, Education, Electronic Communications, Fundraising, International Relations, Leadership Development, Legislation, Media Resources, Membership, Networked Resources and Metadata, Organization and Bylaws, Program, Publications, Publisher-Vendor Library Relations, Committee on Research and Statistics] to revise their charges no later than Midwinter 2002 to include the following statement: "To plan and monitor activities using the Association's Strategic and Tactical Plan as a framework."

Midwinter Meeting 2002 - New Orleans

The ALCTS Board of Directors approve expenditures of $4, 863 to support the technical conversion of the North American Title Count (NATC) to a web version.

the ALCTS Board of Directors approve the preliminary FY03 Budget.

The ALCTS Board of Directors approve an expenditure of $500 to support ALA's efforts to increase federal funding of the Library Services and Technology Act.

The duties of the Nominating Committee be revised in the ALCTS Policy Manual to instruct the Nominating Committee to submit a slate of candidates to the Board for their acceptance at the Midwinter Meeting. At each Midwinter Meeting, the Nominating Committee shall submit a full slate of candidates to the Board of Directors for their acceptance.

ALCTS New Staff

Beginning on September 1, 2001, ALCTS became a stand-alone association for the first time in nearly 15 years. With this new status, ALCTS has a new staff.

  • Charles Wilt, Executive Director
    Board, Executive Committee, Policy and Procedures, Budget, Fundraising, Awards
    Charles started his tenure at ALA as Deputy Executive Director of LAMA and ALCTS in September, 1999, Prior to that he was Budget and Planning Manager at the University of Texas at Arlington library. He has a bachelor's degree from Emory University and his MLS from the University of Pittsburgh.
  • Julie Reese, Programs, Preconferences, Continuing Education, Webmaster, Meeting Planning, Travel
    Julie was hired in January 2000 to be Events Manager for LAMA and ALCTS. Prior to that he spent 5 years at the American Association of Diabetes Educators as a Program Assistant working in events management and continuing education. She has a degree in art from Illinois State University.
  • Kirsten Ahlen, Publications, Membership, Website
    The newest member of the staff is Kirsten who came to ALCTS from the American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation where she was a Membership Assistant. She graduated from Depaul University with a degree in music.
  • Andrea Tobias, Administrative assistance, Elections, Appointments, ALA Handbook, Board, Executive Committee, Awards, General information
    Andrea started with LAMA and ALCTS as the Administrative Assistant just one week after Julie. Andrea had previously worked at the Department of Environment of the city of Chicago also as an administrative assistant. She has a degree in environmental biology from Eastern Illinois University.

Continuing Education

ALCTS offered two very distinct but equally successful CE programs this past year. AACR2 and Metadata was a two day institute, developed and presented by Sally Tseng and Mary Larsgaard, which drew 300 attendees. Speakers included Jean Hirons, Erik Jul, Regina Reynolds, Matthew Beacom, and many others. The institutes were held in Boston, Dallas, and San Diego. A second Metadata institute is scheduled for this next year in Washington, DC, Chicago, and Orlando with a follow-up preconference in Toronto next summer.

ALCTS first web course, which was designed and offered by Carol Diedrichs and Trisha Davis, debuted this past winter to an overflow audience. The "Fundamentals of Acquisitions" course was offered again in April and will offered once more in August and throughout the next year. A second web course is being developed by Carol and Trisha which will have it's test early next winter.

For their work on these two outstanding CE courses, Carol, Trisha, Sally and Mary will be honored at the ALCTS Awards Ceremony, June 17th, with a Presidential Citation.


ALCTS has two preconferences in 2002. "Hell or High Water" addresses the operational and personal issues relating to disaster management, an important topic in the current political environment. "Map Cataloging" expounds on the changes being made in the cataloging rules for maps and the impact these rules will have.

For the 2003 Conference in Toronto, ALCTS will offer five preconferences on a variety of topics including Dewey 22, Electronic Resources, a Serials workshop, a preconference on mold and related problems, and a updated metadata preconference, building on the success of the previous one held in Chicago in 2000.

LC Action Plan

Strategic Planning

Board/Division Committee Chair Gathering

At the Midwinter Meeting in New Orleans this past January, the ALCTS Board of Directors had a joint meeting with the Division Committee Chairs. This first of its kind meeting accomplished two very significant goals. It provided an opportunity to emphasize that the division committees were integrally part of the planning process and helped to forge stronger bonds between the Board and the chairs and the chairs themselves. Such was the success of this meeting that time will be set aside at each Board meeting for a continuation of this gathering. This Annual, the groups will meet to discuss among other issues, the interdependence and intertwining of the work of the committees. This is important since much of the committees' work affects each other and the tactical planning effort now underway.

Publications Plan

The ALCTS Publications Business Plan set out the direction for ALCTS publications over the next four years. It is intended to be used to help the Publications Committee move forward in its planning and development of ALCTS publications. Much work went into the research and market analysis which served as the foundation for many of the recommendations. The plan can been viewed at the following web page address.

Web Publications Editor

With the continued proliferation of publications that seem best suited for the web environment, ALCTS Board of Directors, upon a recommendation of the Publications Committee, approved a new editor position: Web Publications Editor. Working with the Publications Committee and the Office, this position will develop, solicit, and oversee the ALCTS publishing initiative. This two year temporary position will also establish guidelines and policies pertaining to web publishing. ALCTS already has in place guidelines for informal web publications, however, with the need to post more formal publications on the web (research databases, articles, bibliographies, and other best practice publications), the Board felt it imperative to have someone charged with the task of establishing this next facet of ALCTS publishing. Margaret Rohdy, former Book Review Editor of LRTS, has accepted this assignment.

New Publications

In this past year, ALCTS has made great strides to once again reclaim its eminence in the publishing world. Working with Scarecrow Press, ALCTS has produced four new publications in the "Guide" series and two new publications in the "Papers" series. Future publications are already in development. The new edition of the "North American Title Count" will be available this summer. NATC will be available for purchase by libraries in the early fall.

From Scarecrow Press (

  • Guide to Management of the Information Resources Budget, #9
  • Guide to Collection Development and Management
  • Administration, Organization and Staffing, #10
  • Guide to Library User Needs Assessment for Integrated Information
  • Resource Management and Collection Development, #11
  • Guide to Review of Library Collections: Preservation, Storage, and Withdrawal, #12
  • Cataloging the Web: Metadata, AACR, and MARC 21
  • Marketing to Libraries for the New Millennium: Librarians, Vendors, and Publishers Review the Landmark Third Industry-Wide Survey of the Library Marketing Practices and Trends
  • Coming soon: "North American Title Count"

Award Winners

ALCTS again this year has an outstanding roster of award winners. These recipients were formally recognized at the ALCTS Awards Ceremony, June 17th, in the Sheraton Hotel during the ALA Annual Conference in Atlanta.

On the behalf of the ALCTS Board of Directors, the Awards Committees, and the entire ALCTS membership, I would like to congratulate each and every one of these dedicated professionals.


Best of LRTS Award
Winners: Bartley A. Burk and Laura D. Shedenhelm
Blackwell's Scholarship Award
Winner: Richard Meyer
Bowker/Ulrich's Serials Librarianship Award
Winner: Eric Lease Morgan
Esther J. Piercy Award
Winner: Lisa German
First Step Award
Winner: Susanna Flodin
Leadership in Library Acquisitions Award
Winner: Rosann Bazirjian
Margaret Mann Citation
Winner: Jean Hirons
Paul Banks and Carolyn Harris Preservation Award
Winner: Ellen McCrady

Sponsors for 2002

John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
OCLC, Inc.
Preservation Technologies, L.P.
R.R. Bowker
YBP, Inc.

President's program
Elesevier Science, Inc.
Kluwer Academic Publishers

Membership reception
YBP, Inc.

Continuing education
Alfred Jaeger, Inc.
Brodart Foundation
Casalini libri
divine/Faxon Library Services
Ebsco Industries, Inc.
Library Binding Institute
MapLink, Inc.
Swets Blackwell, Inc.

Membership Booth
Wyndham Palm Springs Hotel
Royalty Signs and Graphics

Budget Synopsis

With the dissolution of the shared office arrangement with LAMA, this budget year has been one of transition. This transitioning will continue through the fiscal 2003 budget as the Board, the Office and the Budget and Finance Committee establish a foundation for the future. Although ALCTS will see a deficit for the year, much of this deficit can be contributed to several factors including:

  • adding one staff position to bring ALCTS to its full complement of four;
  • increased expenses for the operation of the Office and the Association in general to get established once again as a stand-alone association;
  • ALA's decision to bring the LRTS subscription processing back in house, which included start up costs and ongoing maintenance costs;
  • and the overall economic climate in which ALCTS operated this year, which had an impact on conference attendance, membership growth, advertising revenue, to name a few areas.

With a foundation in place, ALCTS budget looks promising for the future. Several factors will help build on this: a thriving continuing education program, the continued development of pre-conferences, a revived publications program, and the continued careful monitoring of expenses. An Association such as ALCTS is on one hand a professional organization which exists to serve its membership and provide those members with products, programs, services, and the opportunity for professional growth. On the other hand however, ALCTS is a business, which must generate revenue and control expenses, just like any other business. Without a strong revenue base, ALCTS cannot fulfill its primary responsibility to its members.

President's Program