Publications Editors

The ALCTS Board of Directors has responsibility for appointing editors for the division's publications: Library Resources & Technical Services ( LRTS), ALCTS Newsletter Online ( ANO), and the ALCTS Papers Series. Other editorial positions may be established as need arises. Those positions, unless otherwise noted, will be an appointment of the Board.

The President appoints a search committee to select the nominee for the position. The search committee establishes the process and works with the Office to place announcements in the ALCTS Newsletter Online and other library publications as appropriate. The search committee sets deadlines for the receipt of applications. The chair along with the outgoing editor, the President, and the Executive Director compile a list of qualifications for the position and updates the job description if needed. Interviews may be conducted at either the Midwinter Meeting or the Annual Conference. The committee presents its recommendation to the ALCTS Board of Directors in executive session. The search process and the Board discussion are confidential. The search committee (3-5 members, including the chair) will include members with a wide range of background and experience with the Executive Director as resource person and office contact.

If an editor resigns or is asked to resign, the President, with advice from the Board, will make an interim editor appointment to fill out the remainder of the term. The person appointed may become a candidate for the editorial position.

Editors are appointed by and report to the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors may remove an editor at any time if it is deemed that the editor is not fulfilling the responsibilities of the position.

The current terms of office for the publications editor positions are as follows:

LRTS editor - four years, renewable
ANO editor - three years, renewable for a second term
Papers Series editor - three years, renewable for a second term

Terms of appointment

The editors are appointed to terms of office, which coincide with either the ALA appointment year or the beginning of a volume of the publication.

Editors receive a stipend and registration to the Midwinter Meeting and the Annual Conference. The stipend is negotiated upon appointment but within guidelines set in advance of the search process.

Special circumstances

The LRTS editor makes the following appointments: LRTS Book Review Editor and LRTS indexer.

The ANO editor appoints the Assistant Editor.

Office support

The ALCTS publishing manager, a staff position, is the main contact for all editors in the office.

Supplies, stationery, and other such items are available through the office upon request.