Task Forces

A task force is an action-oriented membership group whose charge is to address specific goals, complete a specific task, or to consider a particular issue. There may be a designated time frame defined by the nature of the task or set forth in the function statement. Functions of a task force may include the following: (1) gathering information and making recommendations; (2) studying an issue and preparing a report; (3) carrying out a specific project or activity; (4) conducting programs at conferences; (5) establishing committees or other subunits. A task force is used to address critical, urgent, or ongoing situations, which require a strong, visible organizational effort and/or activist response. Any parent body may establish a task force, determine its duration, monitor its progress, and terminate its function.

The task force chair is appointed by the parent group for a specific time period sufficient to carry out the charge. The parent group, in consultation with the chair, appoints the members of the task force in similar fashion. The task force should be of sufficient size to successfully carryout the charge.