A committee is a group with long-term objectives so closely interwoven with the total program and development of policy of the association that it should have a continuing life. The need for the committee should be permanent and continuous.

At the division level, committees are considered committees of the Board and are constituted to advance and advise on the affairs of the association. These committees direct crucial areas of the "business" of ALCTS, whether programmatic, publishing, or operational.

The Division Committees:

  • Advocacy Coordinating- representative
  • Affiliate Relations- representative
  • Budget & Finance - representative
  • Continuing Education - representative
  • Executive Committee of the Board - ex-officio
  • Fundraising - at-large
  • International Relations - at large
  • Leadership Development - at-large
  • LRTS Editorial Board - representative
  • Membership - representative
  • Organization & Bylaws - representative
  • Planning - representative
  • Program - representative
  • Publications - representative


A joint committee develops and carries out programs of mutual interest, exchanges information, or discusses matters of mutual concern across ALA. ALCTS participates in a number of joint ALA committees.

  • Hugh Atkinson Memorial Award

Section and CRG Committees

The sections and may establish such committees as they feel necessary to conduct the business of the section. These committees are listed under each section's webpage.


At the division level, committees may be at-large or representative. At-large committee membership is drawn from the membership at-large. A representative committee's membership is drawn partly from appointments from each section and and partly at-large. The composition of each division committee is noted in the list of division committees.