Committees are an important part of ALCTS. On the division level, committees are responsible to the Board of Directors and carry out the business and programmatic work of the Association. Within the Sections and the Council of Regional Groups, committees, in addition to business and programmatic work, also organize by interest, topic, or to provide comment and consultation in specific areas.

Committees advance the work of ALCTS and provide outstanding opportunities for service and contribution by ALCTS members.

From the Bylaws

Establishment. The Association may establish standing and annual committees to consider affairs of the Association that require continuous or repeated attention by members (Bylaws, Article IX, Section 1.a)


Appointments to committees are made by the President-elect and the Chair-elects in the spring prior to the beginning of a term of office. Terms of office begin July 1.

Appointment Agreement

Upon appointment, each committee member must agree to the following statement:

By accepting this appointment I agree to abide with the ALCTS policy that all working papers of this group are the sole property of ALCTS and are not to be used for any personal projects unless written permission has been obtained from the appropriate governing body. I also certify that my appointment does not represent a conflict of interest. I understand that failure to attend two meetings or groups of meetings without an explanation acceptable to the chair constitutes grounds for removal (ALA Policy 4.5).

This statement appears on the appointment form.

Committee Charges with History

A history of the establishment of:

ALCTS Division
Acquisitions Section
Cataloging and Classification Section
Collection Management and Development Section
Preservation and Reformatting Section
Serials Section
Council of Regional Groups

Committee Reviews

Division committee reviews are the responsibility of the ALCTS Organization and Bylaws Committee. Section committee reviews are the responsibility of the designated section committee.

Review. Each standing Association-level committee shall be reviewed on a regular schedule as per the ALCTS Committee and Discussion Group Review Schedule and concerning the committee's relevance and success in forwarding the mission and priorities of the Association. (Bylaws, Article IX, Section 1.d)


A committee has the responsibility to report twice a year it's activities. This is done in part by submitting a report to the editor of the ALCTS Newsletter Online. Other reports may be required by the governing body of the committee: the ALCTS Board of Directors or Section or CRG Executive Committees.

Conflict of Interest

The ALCTS Board of Directors has adopted a Conflict of Interest statement, which may be applied to committees.


Rosters for all committees are posted on the ALCTS Web site under the committee page. Rosters may also be viewed in the ALA Handbook. Rosters are updated July 1st of each year.


Subcommittees are appointed by the chair of the parent committee to carry out a specific and ongoing project. The chair must be a member of ALCTS and the section, if applicable. The majority of subcommittee members must be members of ALCTS and the section, if applicable. Subcommittees are intended to have an extended term of existence and a membership, both size and expertise, commensurate for the task assigned.

Task Forces

Task Forces are short-term groups appointed to carry out a specific task assigned. Task Forces are limited in both membership and length of term. The chair must be a member of ALCTS and the section, if applicable. The majority of the Task Force members must be members of ALCTS and the section, if applicable. Task Forces must be constituted for a specific length of time: one year, two years, etc. Although the number of Task Force members is not prescribed, due to the rapid nature of the work, it is suggested that membership be limited to 5-7.


Committees are populated entirely by volunteers. Recruitment of members to serve on a committee is the responsibility of every ALCTS leader. Each Midwinter, a Volunteer Forum is held to introduce members who are interested in being appointed to a committee to the opportunities available to them.